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by Regina
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The heavy storm carries on with many people.
Looking out upon the mist filled day
with dewdrops and trees lining the road.
There is so much gold mistaken for gray.
There is so much hope mistaken for fear.
The heavy storm carries on.

It is Autumn and the leaves are bright.
Filled with reds, yellows, and oranges.
So much joy can be found upon this day,
but yet there is something blocking the way.
The heavy storm carries on.

Every little interruption in one's day
seems to be at an unearthly hour.
The watchman leaves late at night
with regret filled in his mind.
Why does the man have regret?
For one simple reason.
He didn't accomplish his tasks.
He has an occupation he hates
because of his lack of ambition.
The heavy storm carries on.

We look out upon this world
and what do we see?
The brown mud from the storm.
What we fail to see is the grass and trees
that were watered from the storm.
The once dry and lifeless trees
that are now beautiful greens.
The once lifeless flowers
that are full and blooming.
The heavy storm carries on.

"What is this heavy storm?"
one person may ask to another.
Dear friend, isn't it plain to see?
It is the lack of ambition,
the lack of encouragement for ones self,
the lack of accomplishment because of doubt,
the lack of seeing what is right in front of you,
the lack of hope,
and an abundance of fear.

You must ask yourself a question.
Does the heavy storm carry on around me?
Can I only see the bad and horrible things?

So many have a gray cloud hovering above them.
There is one simple remedy.
Open your eyes.
See the bright side.
Beyond that heavy storm
there is a rainbow waiting.
Will you behold it?
Or will you build a gate around your storm,
locking yourself in because of fear of what is on the other side?

There is nothing to fear,
I tell you now.
There is a rainbow of your very own
awaiting you in patience.
Go to it, I beg of you.
leave the big gray cloud behind.

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