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Random I will later be turning this into a novel, this is just a sneek peak!
I looked down at him. His pale white skin ghastly. His gray eyes open and crystalized. His matty hair sticking out around his hair. I screamed. He went missing a few days ago, but I thought he left to his friends house. I screamed and started crying. I banged my fist on the ice. No no no no! The ice was to solid for me to break through it. I went on my hands and knees and had my face over his. He was so young. He had a future, a dream. I saw his his clothes floating around him. Frozen forever in time. I stood up and walked two steps towards something shiny on the ice. I took another step and heard a sickening crack. I saw a crack shoot out six feet in front of me. I froze. I hear someone yell. I froze. I looked over my shoulder and saw my brother was at shore. His brown hair blowing in the wind. I was fifty yards from shore. I still had tears in my eyes. And the tears that had slid down my cheek, had already froze. I picked one of the frozen tears off and held it in my palm. I looked at my brother for the last time and said. "I'm sorry." And I took my last step. The ice broke through and I fell into -10 degree water. My gray sweater sticking to me, sucking me down. I shot up and my head hit the ice. I felt all over for the opening. I couldn't find it. I started freaking out and backed up. I hit something hard and turned around. My eyes widened It was him. Even in a horrible death he was beautiful. I swam over so I was next to his side. And I held onto him. His eyes distant. Not on earth anymore. No, he was somewhere far away. I leaned in knowing the risk and kissed him. I pulled away and thirty seconds later his finger twitched. I backed away focused, closed my eyes and brought forth all my anger, hatred, sorrow, and fear and I opened my eyes and screamed. I screamed until the ice shattered. I grabbed a hold of his wrist and swam to the surface. are heads broke the surface and i looked at him, slumped in my arms he stirred ever so slowly, and he opened his eyes. They soon filled with confusion. "Layla?"
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