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by Tursk
Rated: E · Poetry · Children's · #2055522
Children's Poem about a girl and her new found pet
Lola has a boa constrictor
She found it in the park
While playing on the monkey bars
With her brother Mark

As she swung from bar to bar
Her feet would dangle low
That is when she felt it;
A tickle on her toe!

Lola laughed and lost her grip
She landed with a "SPLOT"
Upon the tickley boa
Who was tied up in a knot

The serpent smiled a snaky grin
And said, "How do you do?"
(Hiss hiss hisssssssssssa hiss
Is how he'd sound to you)

When Lola saw the boa
It was love at first sight
She straightened out his crooked tail
And hugged him oh so tight

Never had the boa
Felt a grip so strong and snug
He wrapped his coils around her
And gave Lola his first hug

Now the two are partners
Constricting all they meet
With snaky hugs and tickles
On unexpected feet

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