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Rated: E · Documentary · Biographical · #2055651
A diary of a young girl living in the twenties.
October 13th, 1922

Dear Diary,
I was so very pleased when mother bought you for me. I had been asking mother for months, and now finally she has fulfilled one of my many desires. My other desires you may think ridiculous, but they rest in my heart. I would like you to know of everyone I know, and of nearly everything I do. For you are my only friend.
First, there is mother or when formally addressed Mrs. Winchester. I have received only a few of my qualities from her, I have received her beautiful ebony hair, and small nose. I have also received many characteristic traits from her as well, I have received kindness and knowledge from my dearest mother. She has taught me many lessons on etiquette, manners, and sewing. All of these lessons will prepare me to be a woman. My mother may be strict at times, but she will always know what is best for us.
Next, there is my father, Mr. Winchester. Unlike my mother I have received many of my qualities from my father, I was gifted with his grey eyes, fair skin, and large feet. The characteristic traits are few, I have only received his large imagination and clumsiness. My father has taught me useful things, he has taught me basic first aid, and basic self-defense. My father is a doctor and an animal-lover. Father is what my mom calls "laid-back", I think she doesn't find self-defense proper for a lady.
Then, there is my dearest brother William. He has received my mother's hazel eyes, and my father's small ears. He is very imaginative, and also quite intelligent. I have learned from him not to insult our maid Holly, not to disturb father in his study, and to never make mother mad. He has learned from me to never slouch, to keep you mouth shut unless spoken to, and to compliment ladies unless desiring to be punished profusely.
My family is small, but we are greatly respected by everyone we know. I have many acquaintances, yet no actual friends.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2055651-The-Diary-of-Amelia-Winchester