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Rated: 13+ · Other · Fanfiction · #2055690
Outline for Leon and his Zanbakto Kazeto
This is a character Outline for a Story I am considering writing. If you review this please look at this as a potential character still in the creation Phase. Thankyou

Original Name: Kuro Yuki
Soul Reaper Name: Leon
Zanpakto: Kazeto (With the wind)
Release Phrase: Release the Storm
Squad: 13th

Leon's Appearance

Leon stands at 6' tall with a average build. His eyes are green. He has auburn shoulder length hair with bangs that hang in front of his eyes and a five o'clock shadow. He has gained many scars due to his personality and fighting style (See Below) the most noticeable of being a large cut across his chest. In Yuki's Rage (See Below) his eyes turn ice blue.

Leon's garb is slightly different than the normal soul reaper attire. He wears the typical black kimono worn by soul reapers choosing to wear short sleeves rather than long. He prefers to go bare foot whenever possible (even in combat). He also wears a single black fingerless glove on his right hand with the Kanji for Protect written on the back in white.

When unleashing bankai Leon's garb drastically changes. Taking on the apperance and colors of his former self (Kuro Yuki) the kimono's color changes to white with the right sleeve ripped off and the pants now shredded. His fingerless glove changes in color to match his kimono and the Kanji changes to Punish. As his anger rises the kimono gains a black tint that glows darker the closer he is to succumbing to his other side.

Kazeto's Appearance

Unlike a normal Zanpakto Kazeto takes the form of a wooden bokken on Leon's back when in it's sealed state.
Upon release he takes on the form of a wakazashi with a silver sapphire blade. The scabbard shifts from Leon's back to his along his hip on his back.
The bankai release has him take the form of a normal sealed Zanpakto with the same color as his shiki. Upon entering this form the scabbard is moves again from Leon's back to his side to allow use of his most powerful technique (See Below).
The spirit form of Kazeto is a wolf with white silver hair. His appearance is similar to Repede (Tales of Vesperia http://aselia.wikia.com/wiki/Repede).


Leon is a care free man that likes to live day to day. You will usually find him sleeping or playing with children in the soul society. While not enjoying work if given a task he will typically do it quickly so he can get back to his "normal" routines. But he does have a strong heart and will go out of his way to help others that truly need it (even if it means going against soul reaper law). This typically makes him seem like a loose cannon to most of the other soul reapers and usually gets him beatings, punishments and worse but he will take them in stride and laugh about them later.

Yuki is a very cold man. Whether in his voice, eyes or his actions he always seems to looking toward the future no matter what that future is. He cares little for other people and will strike them down if they give him a reason. Through most of his life he lived by the creed "It's a Dog eat Dog world" but in his final moments he showed a small amount of honor and compassion something that until that point he had no need for.

Kazeto is Yuki's hidden honor and compassion that was suppressed through most of his life. Because of this Kazeto instills a ever growing feeling of pride while Leon is in combat, This same pride will usually make Leon seek out strong opponents while on the battlefield and refuse to kill those who he deems to be innocent. Due to Kazeto's strong ties to Yuki, if his personality should surface in a fight in most circumstances Kazeto will become inactive and revert back to his sealed form.


Legends speak of warrior in ancient times that brought terror and suffering wherever he went. His victims gave him the name Kuro Yuki after his white kimono that had turned black from all the blood he had spelt. As the years went on his infamous legend only grew as no man was able to stop his reign of terror. Until one day, the legends say that after burning a village to the ground he was attacked and killed by a warrior from the village. Even to this day Yuki is known as black snow the killer of over 1000 men.

After his death Yuki was sought out by a soul reaper. Yuki accepted his fate and was about to be sent to hell when a giant hollow appeared. During the fight the soul reaper was mortally wounded. Yuki took up his sword and slayed the hollow.
Shortly after the fight another group of reapers appeared. After seeing the carnage and their wounded comrade they assumed Yuki fought back and caused all of the destruction. As they surrounded him, ready to give him his judgement, the leader of their group who had just spoken with the now dead reaper stopped them. The leader deciphered that Yuki was not as bad as he was lead to be. Yuki was then lead away as a prisoner to the soul society.

A few weeks later Yuki was given the choice go to hell or stay and become a soul reaper. Yuki chose the later option and was given a black glove. As Yuki puts on the glove he feels his murderous intent and rage leave his body and mind. As time goes on Yuki forgot all of his past and even his own name. Thus Yuki became Leon.

Fighting Style

Leon chooses hand to hand combat over sword play in most fights. Using overwhelming speed and strength he is able to overpower many hollows and some lower ranking seat officers using only his fists. Due to this Leon usually is only seen using his sealed Zanpakto. While sealed Kazeto has a indomitable defense even able to take lower rank kido attacks at full power without so much as a scratch or mark left on the blade. Although primarily used for defense his sealed form can be used for offense allowing him to knock out and trade blows with soul reapers of lower power.

When Leon needs to get serious he will release Kazeto's shikai form. Although still using hand to hand combat Leon will also begin using Kazeto's control of the wind to increase his own strength and speed. Although Kazeto's indomitable defense properties go away with the upgrade leon also gains access to some of his more powerful techniques. Which allows him to be more proactive and offensive in the fight combining not only his hand to hand but also his sword techniques.

Though he normally chooses not to use it, if pushed into a situation where it is needed he can draw on Kazeto's connection to Yuki and trigger his bankai. Unlike his previous forms Leon no longer uses his hand techniques and relies solely on his sword. With the change from wakazashi to a Katana Leon begins using normal Kendo and lai techniques. Although he sacrifices some of speed and his hand to hand capability's the upside is a great increase to not only his offensive but defensive power. But bankai comes at a great cost, due to his reliance on "Yuki's" power Leon becomes more violent and dangerous. If left in the form for to long Yuki may overpower Leon's consciousness which can lead to heavy casualties.

One of Leon's biggest flaws is his inability to use Kido. While he has shown he can use extremely basic spells outside of combat, inside of combat is not possible causing him to take a more direct approach to most battles. Most of reasoning behind this at least according to Leon is he can't remember the basic incantations. He has only been able to successfully use kido twice since leaving the academy. Once by accident and the other with help from a fellow reaper.

Special Attacks/ Forms


Wind Aura: While in his shikai form Leon can use the wind to create a small barrier around himself. While active all of Leon's attacks gain a speed and power boost. Also while in this form he gains a small wall of defense from most sources. As seen below Leon can focus the aura into certain parts of body to create more devestating attacks after which it will need to be activated again. In his shikai form he must manually activate the wind aura. While after he enters bankai it is always active.

Yuki's Rage: As Leon's stay's in Bankai the glove that holds back Koro Yuki's presence will continue to weaken. If enough time passes Yuki can overpower Leon's willl. If this should happen Kazeto will begin to drain Yuki's spiritual pressure rapidly as a safe guard. While in this state Yuki has all of Leon's abillities at his disposal as well as his own swordsmanship that made him a terrifying legend while alive. Yuki can only stay in control for a short while but is incredibly dangerous to all but the strongest soul reapers. While not very common if Leon's emotions run to high (namely anger) outside of bankai Yuki can take over as well. In this scenario Kazeto will revert back to it's sealed state and start to syphon it's own power until Leon is able to gain control again. While Yuki is still very much apart Leon his power is shared between Leon's glove and Kazeto.

Hand to Hand

Figure 8: Using his arms and legs Leon performs an 8 hit combination attack using both his arms and legs. This is pure offensive attack that requires Leon to sheath Kazeto. The actual attacks themselves depend on the foe Leon is facing, but due to his high level practice in hand to hand combat he can shift attacks and stances just by subtle movements his foe makes. Before the attack Leon can pour his wind aura into his arms and legs to increase his speed and power but in exchange for loosing his one defensive shield.

Palm Buster: Strikes the opponent with a open palm strike. Usually targeting the chest or abdomen Leon will also attack the opponents arms and legs causing weaker foes' limbs to become paralyzed for a time. While he can use this attack with one hand its true power comes when he uses it with both. When striking with both the force is great enough to break through solid rock without shattering it. His wind aura can amplify the blow allowing him to fire it at limited range without any drawbacks to it's power.
         Spring Breeze: A counter maneuver using the Palm Buster w/ wind aura active, which allows him to redirect incoming ranged attacks and send them right back at their sender. He must make contact with the attack to redirect it so a long range palm buster will do no good.

Pulse Kick: Channels his spirit energy to his feet and proceeds to use 2 power kicks (normally after launching his opponent into the air). Upon contact with each kick he release the energy stored in each foot causing a force of energy to shoot through his opponent. While using his wind aura he can use his control of the wind to add a blast of wind to the 2nd kick sending the opponent flying back.

Zanbakto abilities

Blade of Wind: When fighting hallows or enemies to that degree Kazeto will coat itself with air allowing Leon to cut his enemy down. Leon can increase Kazeto's speed and power to higher levels by also channeling his wind aura through the blade.
         Bullet Draw: Using the increased speed from his aura Leon can unsheath Kazeto at such a speed that upon contact with the enemy it sounds like a bullet being fired from the chamber of a gun. Bullet Draw can be used in all of his forms with different applications and effects when used. In the sealed form it doesn't make the distinct bullet sound and is slightly slower. Shikai form has the normal effect and is the most used ver. of this move, but do to the position of the blade Leon will traditionally use it only as a blocking or counter move. In Bankai Bullet Draw becomes more powerful and can also used in rapid succession. Bullet Draw when powered up to its max becomes the Saigo no Hauru, Leon most powerful technique.

Shikai: While in this form the Wakazashi design of his zanbakto allows leon to be aggressive with his attacks.
         Winters Bite: Leon wields Kazeto using only his connection to the wind. Using his hands as his connection to his blade Leon can then join the fight for a 2 on 1 attack but can only use his feet to attack. If he uses his hands for anything it destabilize his connection to kazeto causing the blade to stop attacking on his behalf. To ensure he doesn't accidentally use his hands Leon will normally stick his hands in his pockets for the duration of the technique. Leon can choose to transfer his wind aura to kazeto allowing it for a time to fight on it's own with no input on Leon's part. When winters bite ends Kazeto will automatically return to Leon's sheath.
         Tatsumaki Shikon (Tornado Fang) Leon shoots a blade of wind that will hit with a enough force level buildings. The attack itself while not actual cutting anything will strike into whatever it hits pushing it back with a gale force wind. Once he activates shikai, Kazeto will automatically begin gathing air for this attack meaning the longer he waits before using it the bigger the blade and the stronger the force. This attack uses all of the stored wind including the air he is using to create his wind aura meaning he can't fire it multiple times in succession.

Bankai: While in this form the new blade design will cut down almost anyone that fights him. His wind aura becomes stronger becoming a swirling tempest causing weaker strikes to rebound off of it.
         Piasugeiru (Piercing Gale) This is the upgraded ver. of Tornado Fang. Using his new stronger wind aura this technique will cutting through opponents instead of just striking against them. Due to the nature of the attack it doesn't require as much air to pull off the attack compared to Tornado Fang, so in order to use Leon only needs to use the wind that makes up his Aura to power it, allowing him to fire it rapidly if needed.
         Saigo no Hauru (Final Howl): Leon's ultimate attack is as dangerous for him as it is for his opponent. Leon must sheath Kazeto and sacrifice his wind aura to use it. After gathering power (3 secs) Leon will perform a powerful Bullet Draw. If he makes contact with the cut all of the air gathered into the blade will poor into the wound. Upon sheathing his zanbakto, Leon will say the key words Ten ni Toboe (Howl to the Heavens). Upon saying these words the air will exit the opponent causing fatal damage to most foes.
         1. If Leon misses he can reclaim all of his energy by re-sheathing his zanbakto.
         2. Depending on which personality is dominant will determine how the attack will finish. If Leon is in control the opponent will feel no pain and there will be no blood. If Yuki is in control the attack will rip the opponent apart and they will feel all of it.
         3. Once used successfully Leon will revert back to his shikai form.

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