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A journey through insanity and ending the voices.

1. Come my friends and enter my mind, search deep the annals of my time, be sure to leave nothing behind. There's no where to run, no way to escape. Come my friends...I invite you to feel the agony of having your mind raped. A constant state of delusion, mixed with inescapable confusion, my cortex forming past illusions, my body afflicted with psycho-somatic contusions. Come my friends....we are at the end of the ride. Remember always to never give into your obsessions, and never to forget the unlearned lessons.....


2. May you all rise, take a look into the eyes of a madman. Submit to the rumors and theorize why I want to end my life, my last breath streaming down the bloodline of a dull knife. All the disbelief and strife locked up inside of me. I can no longer care who I am or who I'm meant to be.... In a world where the only sanctuary is in our minds, we can not survive once that vital essence, like a bad memory, dries up and dies. We can't allow ourselves to succumb to the lies. Release a mixture of emotions, take a chance and leap forward to expel the die...For all who wish to picture my mind, light the torch and extinguish the fire...


3. Death comes to all...It matters not your social status, big nor small. You alone choose your path; dark corridor or enlightened hall. To travel my route is all that can be done. How it all ends is up to me, pistols or blades; natural or hung. The clock has stuck, my bell has rung...Goodnight my friends, for my woes have won. My kingdom hath come.


4. Fall into the delirious sanction which I call my mind. Revel in the absence of Glory that fills the body and smothers the zeal. The way in which I need you to complete me can be called nothing but dire. To you alone do I speak the whole truth, for you alone can transfigure me from a liar. Scientia potentia est (knowledge is power), and you are the most paramount of us all. Come to my aid, my omnipotent savior. Deliver me from this insanity, My Lord. Rescue me from this indignity My God. I relish in your splendor while you pity in my disrepute. Let us end this, I give in. Take me to the heavenly gates so I can be denied my way through.


5. Psycho servitude remains, a prisoner in my own brain,all that I knew,I know, and have seen are manifestations, walking dreams in which I play the main role, awakened for moments by the bell toll, I line up to shovel my mental coal, provide the heat to keep the dream alive, surrounded by others shackled to their minds, anguish and agony the only rewards for our crimes. This sanction, this house that we all wander, holds us fast to perform its desires. To try to escape it means only to meet the fire...
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