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this is a bio for a fairy's tale a book about a fairy
I don't know if you want the character's bio or mine so I'll give you both.

mine first
Bio: I am married happily for 29 years friday the 4th is my Birthday and I look forward to spending it with my mom, sister and husband. I love to write all sorts of things, from children's stories to poetry and horror I like to put a light touch to even the heaviest subject though too dark is not my style. I live in Kentucky I am 48 years old I love to write and I love my family,
I like to play the board-game aggravation with my mom. I live a quite normal uninteresting but happy life.

Bio for Character:

Name Princess Tamari, fairy of the forest.
Gender female
location: Mount Pleasant
about Me: she is a fairy looking for her lost love
interests: she loves to spend time with her friends the forest animals.

Synopsis of work "A Fairy's Tale"!

By Lisa Ann Noe

A Fairy’s Tale is a fun book for the young or the young at heart.
It is a story of Tamari the butterfly fairy the princess of Mount Pleasant.
She hears from the dove that there is another royal Prince in the forest being
held by the sinister bees. It is up to Tamari to find the Prince and combine her
powers with his to rule the forest and to rid the area of the bees. She enlists the
aid of her friends the forest animals to find the Prince. It is a trip they must make
to ensure their happiness in the forest. They must cross the Kingdom of Sod, which
is a dark scary place where the bees, rats and snakes make their home. They must
also cross over the habitat for humans, where they meet up with mischief , which
causes a funny scene for the animals. Tamari must go to the Cavern Lake where she
will discover the history of her people, which will lead to James Larry the Prince.
The two royals must marry on top of Mount Pleasant in front of the Flower children
And if they accomplish this they can rule all of Mount Pleasant and re-take the Kingdom
Of Sod, which will then be known as Dogwood Valley.

The cast of characters includes:

Tamari The forest fairy, who has magical powers to save those who have been stung.
Einstein the clever raccoon, who is in love with Tamari
Joshua bunny a shy young rabbit, whom Tamari saved from death at the hand of the bees.
Peeper the spy mouse, who ends up being a treasured asset to Tamari
James Larry The Prince of the forest, who has been held by the bees for many years.
The Spirit of Time, which presents the past to Tamari as a vision
And many more.
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