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Miniature unicorn that loves wreaking havoc on her unsuspecting owner.
Bio: Hiya! My name's Periwinkle. I love Runts and causing havoc in my owner Chris Anne's life. I'm really energized and like to cause mischief when my owner would like to sleep. I can't wait to have everyone adore me. It's just the natural order of things.

Name: Periwinkle, like I said

Gender: Mommy's little princess

Age: For shame, even us miniatures are as ageless as the stars.

Location: I live in a drawer in a carved wooden basket that's padded with patches from quilts.

About me: My mom says I'm a diva. Which is totally true since I run things here. I may be small, but that's never stopped me and I'm not starting today. My mom found me sleeping in her flower bed and took me in. I've been with her ever since.

Interests: Runts, riding Agatha, Chris Anne's boyfriend's cat when we visit them. I like eating snow and any type of frozen treat really. I also have a liking for spaghetti. And rolling around in glitter. That's the best. Oh! I nearly forgot. I CAN NOT leave the house without first having my mane and tail properly groomed. Best. Feeling. Ever.

Woke up when the rooster five miles down the street crowed. ITS MORNING! Time to spread mischief and cheer through out the land. I find it helps to make pitiful noises and cry loud and scratch at the drawer to alert I'm awake. I've used this to gratifying results. It's not like I can do everything by myself.

Finally, she stumbles and drags herself over to the drawer to let me out. I promptly race off the desk top to leap for the bed. Unicorn powers, away! With minor help from mom, I made it. I promptly race out as mom answers the door.

OOH! It's Fred! Mom's latest edition of man friend. He's so gawky and weird. Yet, I feel there's a certain essence about it him that draws them together. I can fix that. I've ridden her of more of them before and I can do so again. I just have to get out of these cobwebs.

Spineretta is being naughty again and causing me trouble. She's staring at me. I'm just somewhat bigger than her, so she can't eat me. But she still likes getting in my way. Mommy can't stand spiders, so I help her get out of sight if she's coming towards us. Now my mane is all messy and my tail is tangled in spider webs' all while this creature watches. She's unrepentant as she spins me up and literally, leaves me hanging. Oh, Spineretta. I swear, when I get out of this. You will be one squashed spider. I promise you.

It isn't till later after Fred's left that mom notices my, unique, predicament. She sighs softly and frees me from Spineretta's webbing. She carries me back to the drawer. I gladly take advantage of this turn of events. I wore myself out trying to get free. I need a good , long, recuperating nap. It looks like mom has the same idea. It isn't till I'm almost asleep that I realize that she's answering the door. Maybe it's Fred come back. I doze off with that in mind. There's singing Runts to devour.

When the Story Mistress was asked if she could babysit for Chris Anne while she went shopping, she never imagined the scenario she currently found herself in. She thought of a child or a dog or cat. Not a thing smaller than a mouse that seemed like a toy come to life. At first, she thought there was a mouse problem. She deftly lifted the broom and gave it a good thrashing. It was only as she got closer that she was chagrined to find out it looked like a toy. But it was twitching like it was alive. The Story Mistress hoped there was something strong in the house to get her though this.

She remembered the note on the table. How weird it seemed at first. Looking back, it made a strange sort of sense now. She still felt odd about the whole thing. But then, she hadn't come here to judge. She glanced at the clock and hoped it wouldn't be too long before she could be relieved of her duties. Until then, she took a swig from her mug and looked around to find her minuscule charge. Eventually finding her, she believed it to be a her, anyways. It looked like she was shaking a spider like a rag doll. Like a mini terrier. She promptly dislodged the two, a grateful, beat up looking spider stumbled off. She set her charge on the table to better see her and keep an eye on her. Though at this height, it might be considered lethal. She glanced at the note and sought something to distract it with.

She located the bag of hard, fruit shaped candy, and was soon training the small animal. Who was increasingly becoming more like a dog by the second. She looked as though she smiled, and was wagging her tail. Very odd indeed, thought the Story Mistress. When Chris Anne came back, she would have herself a trained miniature beast. Well, as trained as one could get with something that looked like it dropped out of a happy meal. She went back to training her young charge. She would have a civilized miniature unicorn yet. She felt in her very bones.

Chris Anne came home barely a half hour later to find a surprise. A very pleased looking Story Mistress and a seemingly obedient mini unicorn sitting on the table. She was surprised at the unicorn's obedience. It never went that way for her. She'd wander off like a dog looking for excitement. And yet, here was the proof that it could be done. She dismally pondered if she just didn't have the stuff to get her tiny pet to behave. The story Mistress asked if she could make her some tea. She agreed and they sat down to chat.

It was only when there was a sudden pause in the conversation that she looked at what was the cause. Chagrined, and not too surprised to find it was her own Periwinkle. She had somehow ended up in the other woman's tea. She looked like she was attempting to swim through it. Not at all ashamed of her antics and embarrassing mommy in front of her guest. She was floating on her back now.The Story Mistress ladled her out with her spoon and moved on to her water glass. The conversation continued like it all had never happened. Chris Anne was grateful as she listened and watched her little trouble maker chomp on a lime shaped runt. Yep, that was her little princess alright.

The tea was lovely and the little darling seemed to have drifted have in the meantime. That was a relief because she could be such a pest underfoot. The story Mistress excused herself to get refreshments. The little monster instantly sat up straight. Oh no, Chris Anne groaned inwardly. Runts held a special place of honor, but food was always welcome. Especially from generous guests unfamiliar with her. She could seem like such an angel when she desired.

The other woman however was not born yesterday however, and therefore didn’t fall victim to any stunts pulled. Much to periwinkle’s displeasure; and she sat on top of the giant marshmallow they’d given her as a high chair and nibbled it, watching them both reproachfully. The two women carried on as though nothing was wrong. Periwinkle didn’t care to be treated so and was determined to show it. Mommy wouldn’t get off treating her princess like this. Soon, both of them, would be aware of that. She plotted as they chattered on unsuspecting.

A loud crash suddenly stole their attention. The little deviant. She’d gone and made a terrible mess. She couldn’t figure out how. But the effect was terrible. She knew fairly well the cause of it. The tiny creature looked on innocently as if proof of her innocence. What she got was time out. No runts for the rest of the day. She lay down and celebrated her small victory. She hadn’t gone unnoticed in the end. Mommy could be mad all she wanted. All the obedience in the world can’t stop a creature’s antics from being ignored. She spent the rest of the visit in the cookie jar used for Christmas. It smelled deliciously of cookies gone by. She dreamed of dancing gingerbread men. How fitting. She promptly fell asleep as the adults cleaned up her mess.

The mess was quickly righted and in the end there were no hard feelings. Children, whether furry or regular, hated feeling ignored. She left with some cookies as a farewell gift and also an apology. She knew one wouldn’t be coming from the one who had been the cause of this. She knew it as only mom would. She would let her cool off while she watched Jeopardy. Not too bad a day after all, she mused.
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