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It's what your life's about.
A butterfly doesn't know,
How we celebrate them so,
They just flutter to and fro,
Anywhere they care to go.

When the bluebirds merrily sing,
They don't know one simple thing,
The welcomed joy their psalms bring,
To every single human being.

A mountain peak's majesty,
Exemplifies the wild and free,
But it can't think, feel or see,
Oblivious to you and me,

The salty-sweet ocean breeze,
With a gentle touch, roams the seas,
Plays a tune through the tops of trees,
Never intending us to please.

So, if you find you're in doubt,
Your purpose hard to figure out,
Don't you worry, don't you shout,
Blest love is what our life's about.

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