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It could be nice.
Lolita was an impish Fairy.
She liked to meddle in politics.
I know it sounds absurd , but do you believe in Angels?
What would you do if you met one?

"Honestly, I think Mars could be a fun place."
Lolita giggled ..
The President stood in his oval office agog.
"I don't know what I'm seeing, but it is here in front of me."
Obama said over his red phone.

The secret service burst into the room.
Only to discover an empty room.
The receiver to the red phone was hanging off the desk.
The disconnect rang ..

Obama stood on the red sands of Mars.
"You see it isn't that hard to get to." Lolita giggled.
"I'm hoping you're a bad dream, but I will assume that you're real,
just for the sake of conversation." President Obama said,,

"Why do you want me to go to Mars?" he continued.
"Well, Mars was the first Earth. Until the Martians burned it up,
then they moved here and fiddled with Neanderthals and made
humans." the Fairy flew about Obama's head.

Obama rubbed his eyes and took a deep breath.
"Okay. So, we must conserve our natural resources
and reduce fossil fuel emissions .." the President was
interrupted by a Martian.

"You know that is impossible." the slender pale figure whispered;
"You must reduce your population by two thirds."
Obama stared at the reptilian eyes of the alien.
"Are you giving me an order?" he replied.

"Yes." the Martian answered flatly.
"And if I don't comply?" Barrak Obama answered.
"We will do it for you." the pale figure bowed and vanished.
Lolita giggled, "Snakes have no manners."

Obama reappeared in his office,
much to the surprise of the secret service.
"Who was Lincoln's Vice President?" he asked.
"A Hannibal Hamlin , I believe." Joe Biden replied.

Obama put his hand on Biden's shoulder and gave a toothy smile~
"Lincoln's replaced him with a southern Democrat Anderson Johnson
in his reelection bid. He hoped Johnson would bring in southern votes.
Hannibal had pushed him to support the Emancipation Act"

"Promise me you will not allow the military to take control of the nation."
Obama looked sternly into Biden's eyes.
"I will preserve and protect the constitution of this republic." the Vice President vowed,
but was distracted by a small firefly flying about his head.

Biden tried to swat it, Obama grabbed his hand.
Lolita giggled, "It's the little things that matter."
The secret service drew their guns.
Obama waved them down.

Reflections: How many nukes does it take to burn off the atmosphere?

A Triton sub carries twenty nukes, which can cause a nuclear winter.
The radioactive fallout would terminate all life.+
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