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Short story
Noble pawns in purple coatees stroll in the square. Their chins are raised a little, their eyes are turned skyward. Above them - up in the endless blue - fly angels. They are flapping fluffy snow white wings.

Renowned dreamer sails close to them gently waving thin arms. He salutes the noble pawns. And smiles at angels.

"Pa, who is there up in the sky among the angels?" Tiny pawn is tugging the sleeve of father's coatee.

"The one who knows to dream."

"And what's to dream?"

"To believe that everything you wish for most will come true."

"Probably it's not easy."

"Not harder than flying." Noble pawn smoothes the crumpled sleeve with his hand.

"Pa, can I dream?" Tiny pawn grabs the other sleeve.

"Of course. Everyone does."

"And so I can make friends with angels?"

"Oh, my little princess, let me tell you a secret. The world is no longer a chessboard. It is a world where noble pawns become renowned dreamers and fly so high in the sky that you can't even imagine. Just believe and you will make friends with angels, you will play hide and seek with the sun and even walk through the sea on the lunar path that will lead you right to the stars..."

"Pa, you are a dreamer!"

"One of the Renowned, my darling..."
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