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smelly feet
Eh? You want me to show you my big breasts and take off my shoes. Why? You want me to show you my breasts so you can get erected, Then you want me to take off my shoes so I can give you a footjob with my feet. I still don't get why you want me to do that? Where a reason for it? Okay then. What's the reason behind you wanting me to do this? You think I'm cute and very sexy? Why thank you. You are the very first one to say that to me. So because of what you just said. I decided to do what you asked me to do. But please do not tell anybody. If you do I will be so very embarrassed if anybody finds out.

Please turn around and don't look back while I'm undressing. If you do I'm leaving.... OK I'm done undressing you can look. But try not to stare i'm feeling so embarrassed right now. OK now it's your to undress don't worry I won't look.... You done now? You are, OK I'm opening my eyes now. Oh my that's a nice body you have there. Your thing is so big. So this is what it's supposed to look like? Okay well here. You said you wanted me to not take off my shoes till you said so. So... You want me to take them off now? You do? OK I'm taking them off. There we go. Oh my it seems that due to how hot it was today. My feet has become very sweaty and smelly. Now I'm even more embarrassed because you can see and smell how smelly my feet have become. I'm sorry if the smell is ruining the moment. Wait what? Your thing getting even bigger. Don't tell me you like this kind of thing. You do? Will then I'm glad the smell isn't bothering you then. You still want that footjob? You do? OK here we go.

Oh my it feels so big,hard and hot to my feet. Um...? What should i do with your thing touching my feet. OK you want me to put your thing between my feet,then rub my feet up and down your thing. Okay if that what i should be doing then I'll do it. Well I go after several minutes of rubbing. What's that? Your about to cum? What should I do? I should let you cum on my feet. Well if that's what's supposed to happen then. Go ahead and cum on my feet. Oh god there's so much of it.. It's so hot. What's that? You will take full responsibility for just happened? Why thank you so much. That's very nice of you. What's that? You have something you want to give me in return for what I did for you. Why thank you so very much. You are too kind. Well what's this "something" you're going to give me then. If you don't mind me asking.

A wedding ring? You got me a wedding ring? Your proposing? But why? You think it's the only way to repay me for what i did for you? You also think once a girl's been "tainted",the boy who tainted her should be held responsible. And marry the girl he " tainted". Why thank you so very much. I have never meet a guy who is as nice and kind as you. I love the ring you gave me. And for my answer to your proposal? My answer is yes, I do.
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