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Brief chat with The Story Mistress about some ideas for the WDC community.
‘’It’s really nice to finally get to meet you.’’
‘’Of course, dear. What would you like to do?’’
‘’Well, I’m just thinking out loud, but-‘’
‘’Well, I was thinking of the costumicon.’’
‘’What about it? Specifically?’’
‘’ I had an orca once and really liked it.’’
‘’Yes, go on.’’
‘’Well, I know it was some months ago. It was around 7500 then.’’
‘’Yes, and the issue is?’’
‘’I looked later and it was down to 5000. What’s up with that?’’
‘’As you know, there are certain times when prices are higher/lower depending on the
‘’I know, but it seems those times are far and few between. Now, I think it is 9500, I want
to say.’’
‘’So, the issue lies within price, I‘m getting. Am I reading that right?’’
‘’Yes ma’am. There are some neat designs out there but the prices are a bit scary.’’
‘’So, you suggesting we make them more affordable in some way. Correct?’’
‘’I can’t give a better idea for it but something like that. I think that would help.’’
‘’I see. Anything else, while we’re on the subject? We still have a few minutes left.’’
‘’I really like the contests on WDC and I know I have trouble juggling everything.’’
‘’I would like to, at some point, make one of my own. I’m not sure what that entails.’’
‘’Well, that’s not a problem. You see, what you need to do is…’’
‘’Thank you very much, Story Mistress. I think I gained a bit more insight into WDC.’’
‘’I appreciate you taking the time to listen to me. I think you’re doing great work with
‘’Thank you, was there anything else on your mind you would like to discuss?’’
‘’Can’t think of anything else right now. I think that’s it for now.’’
‘’You know if there’s anything else you can contact me if you have any further inquiries
in the future.’’
‘’I’ll remember that, thanks again for seeing me.’’
‘’Alright. I’ll see you around then.’’
‘’Good bye, Story Mistress. Say hi to Story Master for me.’’
‘’I’ll do that, Blue Moon. Keep on writing.’’
‘’Yes, ma’am. Good bye again.’’
‘’Good bye.’’
‘’Okay. That was the 19th one today. Story master should relieve me in the next hour.’’
‘’Alright. Cherry Blaster96 right? What are your ideas for the WDC community?’’
‘’I was thinking…’’

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