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by Elle
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What I would like, if price were no object...
If price truly were no object,
then I know just what I'd do.
I'd build a house, a fine one,
with the perfect library, what a coup!

The library would be the heart
of this grand home that I'd build,
a place of comfort, inspiration,
and with books I'd see it filled.

There'd be writing books, a few,
and volumes of poetry, you know,
no parsimonious religious tracts,
don't argue, I said no.

I feel no real compunction
about having it all my way.
This is my safe haven, see,
my place to while away each day.

Every book I've ever liked,
I'd collect it for my shelves,
and of course the books that authors
have actually signed themselves.

I've got one that our dear Ann wrote,
(she's best4writing on this site),
and Carolyn (callie137),
her kids' books fit just right.

Oh, I must not forget my copy
of the 'fourteen anthology -
imagine what a disaster
if that was missed from my library!

I'd sort books by author's surname,
but keep a series all together.
It's tempting to sort by genre,
you know, 'birds of a feather'.

It sounds like blasphemy, I know,
but there's more to it than books.
I'd want a roaring fireplace,
er, maybe just for looks!

Huge comfy chairs to sit in,
with footrests for your feet.
Some soothing classical music,
something quite discrete.

Plenty of light to read by,
of course, that is a must.
You are starting to get the picture
of my library now, I trust?

A sumptuous carpet so soft,
of a deep and verdant hue,
the kind of carpet that tempts bare feet,
the kind that beckons you.

A few low lying tables designed
to hold a photographic book,
perhaps the ones I've made myself
of various trips I took.

You'd be welcome in my library,
but no critique of it, I fear,
this is my dream, my sanctuary,
and I truly hold it dear.

One day I'll see my library built,
with a home around it, I suppose,
until then it's just my kindle,
and on that sad note, I close.

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