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A child's plea ... to be loved.

Tears of Remorse

Forgive me
Forgive me

I only wanted your heart

Forgive my deception
Forgive my lies
I am but a child
I only want your love

See my tears of remorse
have pity upon my small soul

On and forwards I go
every day a blur

I want to come from the shadows into the light
I want your hand to take me there

Please...love me
please care for me

I want to go round and round
in the bright days of tomorrow
the grass at our feet
the wind in our hair

I want to be as one
I want to go with you

Please love me
please see
my tears of remorse

- Debbie Lyn Jones

About: I read an article of a little girl ran to death, because her stepmother & step grandmother thought she stole a candy bar, that was given to her. She was ordered to run for 3 hours.

I was so moved, I found a tune, opened Notepad, turned on the song, closed my eyes and typed out this verse for her. No edits. In my mind, she was running round in circles, asking that they only... love her. The song: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/160919 by BlazingDragon

Debbie Lyn Jones
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