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To beat the unbeatable
The LeCroix Gambit
(Word Count 300)

The hall was filled to capacity. News organizations came from every corner of the globe. It was being billed as the greatest chess match in history.

Nathan LeCroix paced the empty hallway. His mentor, Alexei Knoblov, squatted on his haunches against the wall wringing his hands. "You don't have a chance of winning. You know that, right?" he pleaded. "No human has beat Blue in four generations. Nobody has even played to a draw. You're going to lose. Your career will be over. Please, don't do this."

LeCroix had been the only name in chess for the last fifteen years. He became the youngest grand champion ever at the age of nine. His play was beyond prodigy; it was genius.

An official from the World Chess Foundation stuck his head into the hallway and nodded at Alexei. The older man stood and tried reason one more time. "That computer was built for chess. That's all it knows. That's all it does."

"Then we're even," LeCroix said, striding into the hall.

LeCroix to play white. He opened: 1. e4 .... Alexei groaned, knowing Blue's response: 1. ... c5.

The Sicilian. The most successful defense against white ever devised. LeCriox's first move was marked a blunder.

The match continued through to the middle. Both LeCroix and Blue played flawlessly, they were equal in material, and LeCroix had used his clock well. The audience waited for signs that they were transitioning to end game.

Then white played: 107. Ba7?? ... and the room gasped. An obvious blunder that opened his ranks to attack. Yet, Blue made no response. Finally, the large screen flashed: 107. ... concede.

LeCroix never revealed his play from 107. The commentators, even Blue's programmers, were lost in the complexities of the analysis. When pressed, he would just say, "I played the LeCroix Gambit."

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