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by Bruce.
Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Romance/Love · #2056724
Brian has fun at the swimming pool.
Chapter 11

I walked into my sister Linda's house with mixed feelings of nervousness and excitement. "Thank God Judy's not here," I said, although I didn't I mean it. I had hoped she would be there. "I didn't do anything last night, did I? She was playing a trick, wasn't she, Linda?"

         "Don't you remember?"

         "I don't remember anything. We were all in Minstrels celebrating England winning the world cup. It got a bit silly and there was beer being lined up all night. I remember leaving Minstrels in a right state, but after that, it's all a bit hazy. I don't even know how I got here. Nothing happened, did it?"

         "No, you just fell asleep and Judy came over this morning to tease you. I was a bit shocked when she stripped off her dress and cuddled up to you almost naked though. And you just in your pants as well."

         "You were shocked. When I saw her I was in a panic, wondering if anything had gone on. When I left here I was bloody shaking. You could have said something."

         "I tried to tell you it was a prank, but you were gone in a flash. Judy thought it was hilarious. When I told her I thought she had gone too far she laughed all the more."

         I smiled broadly when I knew it was a prank although a part of me was disappointed."I think that Judy must like me or she wouldn't have gone that far."

         "That's just Judy being Judy. Don't read anything into it." Linda looked out through the back window. "It's a lovely day. Do you fancy going down to the swimming pool while it's nice? You can borrow Bob's trunks."

         "Yeah, sounds good to me; just like the old days and a swim might clear me head."

         I had only just got the words out when Judy walked into the house, grinning. "Hi'ya, darling. I heard your motorbike passing the end of my road and I had to pop over to see you. Can I sit on your knee?"

         "It's all right, Linda's told me."

         "Oh, Linda. You're a right bloody spoilsport, aren't you?"

         Linda laughed. "Well, you frightened the life out of the poor sod."

         Judy looked at me. "Oh well, I can sit on your knee anyway, can't I?"

         I looked back at her and gave a laugh. "Another time maybe. We're off to the swimming pool."

         "What, are you two going to the bathing pool? What a great idea."

         "Come with us if you like," I said, hoping she would agree.

         "She can't," Linda said and she looked at Judy. "Don't you have to pick up your Craig from your mum's this afternoon?"

         "No, it's all right," Judy said. "She's keeping him tonight. I said I'll pick him up tomorrow sometime." She hurried to the door. "Just hang on for a bit while I pop home for my bikini?"

         I rode to the swimming pool leaving Judy and Linda to follow up with the pram. I got changed and was relaxing on my towel, half dozing in the heat of the sun, knowing it would be a while before the girls walked up to the pool and got changed.

         Suddenly a cupful of cold water fell onto my stomach. It startled me and I looked up to see Judy standing above me grinning.

I jumped up and chased after her as she ran towards the pool laughing. She ran around the diving boards and stopped by the edge of the pool looking back at me. I looked at her standing teasingly in her bikini with her hands on her hips looking like a young Hollywood starlet. "The water's freezing," I said. "But you'll find out for yourself when I chuck you in."

         "Sorry to disappoint you," she said. She dived into the pool and swam towards the other end. I dived in after her and tried to catch her but she was a strong swimmer and I stood little chance.

         We took turns looking after Linda's baby until I went off to buy some Coke's from the cafeteria while the girls were relaxing in the sun. I walked back with the drinks and I couldn't keep my eyes off Judy lying sunbathing in her bikini; she looked wonderful. Linda saw me looking and gave me a sour look and shook her head.

         We'll have these drinks and then we'd better get back," Linda said. "I've got to put Bob's tea on,"

         "Shall I walk back with you then?" Judy said.

         "There's no point in you rushing back Judy," I said. "We might as well stay here for a while."

         Judy smiled and nodded in agreement. "Sounds good to me," she said.

         "Well, maybe I shouldn't leave you alone with Brian," Linda said.

         "What! Oh come on, Linda, I'm years older than him. I'm not a frigging baby snatcher. You know I was only having a bit of fun with him this morning, don't you?"

         "Yeah, well he's a bit sensitive, aren’t you, Brian."

         “No,” I said, wishing that Linda had kept that remark to herself.

         "Don't worry, I'll be like an older sister to him, a very much older sister."

         "Yeah, well just remember that he's feeling heartbroken at the moment."

         "Pack it up, Linda, "I said. "I'm not heartbroken at all."

         Linda didn't respond. Obviously satisfied that she had made her point. “Do you want me to do you some tea, Brian?” she asked.

         "Yeah, okay," I said. "What about you, Judy, you're on your own. You might as well have tea with us as well."

         "No, it's all right. I can't keep eating at your sister's, can I?"

         "Oh, don't be silly. It's all right, ain't it, Linda?"

         "Yeah. Yeah of course. I'll see you both in about an hour." Linda put her unfinished drink down and set off with the pram towards the changing rooms.

         Judy lay back on her towel and closed her eyes. "I haven't been here for years," she said. "I used to come here a lot with my boyfriend before we had Craig. Great memories?"

         "Who was your boyfriend? What happened to him?

         "None of your bloody business." She settled back on her towel and closed her eyes without another word.

         "Oh, okay." This was a side of Judy that I hadn't seen before. She was quite abrupt, hostile almost. But I realised I should not have been so nosey. Her break-up might still be painful to her. I turned slightly and leaned on my elbow, looking her up and down from her feet to her face. She looked perfect and I thought she must be the model that all other women were based on. Her toenails were perfectly manicured and expertly painted even though she had been wearing ankle socks and flat shoes. The skin around her waist looked soft and smooth and I noticed her hipbones protruded slightly. Her chest was moving slowly up and down from her shallow breathing enhancing the view of her cleavage showing between the skimpy top of her bikini. My gaze lingered on her unblemished face, so fresh looking, so pretty, and without a spot of make-up.

         I suddenly felt a desire to kiss her. Her mouth was partly open showing off her perfectly formed teeth and every so often the tip of her tongue would moisten her lips. I couldn't stop myself and I leaned over and kissed her. Although I had momentarily startled her, she threw her arms around me giving me a sample of hot passion from a highly sexed and experienced woman. I was delighted by her response, surprised by the sweet taste and softness of her lips, and by the coolness of her face clashing with the intense burning sensation of mine. The feel of her soft breasts on my chest thrilled me and as the intensity of our embrace increased so too did my arousal. Judy moved her hands onto my head, her fingers running through my hair while swaying her head slightly and kissing me with a passion that I had never before experienced.

         "Excuse me!"

         I pulled away from Judy and looked up at a middle-aged woman who was looking at us disapprovingly. The woman tutted and we laughed as she walked off. I moved back onto my towel, leaning on my elbows, stomach down, trying to hide the embarrassing bulge in my trunks. "I'm so sorry," I said. "I don't know what came over me."

         "That's all right, darling, it was rather nice really. I was just dozing off. You know I can't think of a better way of being woken up. Well, I can but we shouldn't get too rude should we?" She laughed and sat up. "Well come on let's go and have a swim before we go back to Linda's. I think we both need to cool off a little don't we?

         "I'll just wait here for a bit," I said.

         Judy laughed knowingly as she stood up. She reached down and took hold of my hand. "Come on," she said. "It's amazing what a dip in cold water can do to soften the ardour and I'm sure that you're not comfortable like that are you?"

         I wondered if she meant what I thought she did. I jumped up and ran across to dive into the pool hoping that no one had noticed the effect that Judy's embrace had on me.

         I was in the cubicle getting dressed and was thinking of the kiss with Judy. I had never experienced anything like it in my life and had wanted it to go on forever. I knew that I had to find a way, an opportunity to kiss her again.

         It was a thrill to have Judy on the pillion seat of my motorbike and she seemed just as thrilled to have the short ride back to Linda's. We arrived back just as Bob returned home from work and the four of us sat down for our tea.

         "Well come on, Bob, how did you get on at the council?" Linda asked. Sparking an interest from Judy and me because Linda had not previously mentioned Bob's trip to the council offices.

         Bob looked at her with a saddened face. "I was hoping you wouldn't ask." But then a huge grin appeared. "They said you can pick the keys up and view the place some time next week."

         Linda let out a shriek of delight. "Great, at last, our very own council house in Locksford."

         Judy wasn't so happy. "I'll miss you, who am I gonna go to bingo with now?"

         "I'm sure you'll manage, anyway, you can always come over to us for a visit."

         "Locksford, you know I don't go into Locksford anymore, don't you?"

         "Why ever not?" I asked.

         Linda stared at me. "Mind your own business."

         That's me told again, only this time from Linda.

         Judy flashed a smile at Linda for answering for her. "You know it's been years since I've been on a motorbike," Judy said. "It was really great. When are you gonna give me a ride again, Brian?"

         I was pleased with the sudden change in the conversation, thinking this was the opportunity I had hoped for. "Well if you're not doing anything later we could take a spin up the M.6. motorway to the Top Rank Café for a coffee or something." Although I had embarrassed myself by asking in front of my sister and brother-in-law I was praying that she would agree.

         "Great," she said. "I guess I might just take you up on that."

         "How bloody romantic," Bob said. "A date at the motorway cafe; it's original, Brian, I'll give you that."

         "It's a bit silly though, isn't it?" Linda said. "Anyway, you should be getting off home soon or Mum and Dad will be wondering where you are."

         I was delighted, thinking that Judy's "might" meant yes. "It's all right, Mum knows I'm over here." I was thinking how to spend the evening at the motorway café, and imagining that it would no doubt end in a romantic and passionate kissing session.

         There was a loud knock on the door and Linda went to see who it was.

         I looked towards Judy. "Well, what do you think? Are we on for that spin up the motorway later?"

         She returned a wide smile and was about to answer me when Linda came back into the room and looked over at her. "It's Jeff," she said.

         Judy looked surprised but she got up and walked out to the front door. We all heard the front door close as she left the house.

         My heart sank. That Jeff character had turned up and my chance had gone. I remained at my sister's for a while just in case Judy returned, but at eight o'clock I gave up and set off for home. I would call at my sister's again and again and however long it took, I would take Judy out for a ride on my motorbike, and who knows where it would lead. She was special and I knew it.

         I was having problems with the timing on my motorbike and I returned it to the dealers to be looked at. It was Saturday and it was my rest day from work. Without my motorbike and my ex-girlfriend, Helen, I didn't know what to do with myself. I had been to my sister's twice during the week but there was no sign of Judy. I knew Judy lived nearby and I pictured her at home sitting drinking tea. Perhaps she was also thinking of me and remembering our embrace by the pool. Although Judy lived so near Linda was not at all helpful and refused to show me where she lived as if she was trying to keep me away from her. I wondered what Linda had against her.

         I couldn't catch the bus to my sister's this day because she was on her way to Locksford. "What time are you meeting Linda?" I asked my mother.

         "Four o'clock. She can't stay long though because she's left the baby with her friend. Why, do you fancy coming to the house with us?"

         "Might as well, nothing else to do. I bet she's well-excited after all the time she's waited for a council house in Locksford."

         "Well, I warned her at the time. If you rent privately the council tends to just forget about you. Still, at least she's got something now and she viewed it in the week and said it's perfect."

         We caught the bus into town to meet up with Linda. The bus stopped by the Meadowview Estate and I took an interest in an attractive dark-haired girl as she got on the bus. She saw me looking and the smile she gave seemed to light up her face but I became embarrassed because I was with my mother and I looked away. We arrived at the terminus and I was feeling more relaxed as I stepped out from the confines of the bus and I looked at the girl and smiled but this time it was her turn to look away and she briskly walked off towards the town centre.

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