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After dating a creepy youth, Lynn thinks of making up with dodgy Mike.
Chapter 16

         I was feeling pleased with myself as Gary drove me home. I was confident that Kathy would be happy about the date I had arranged for her with Brian and that she would be eager to meet him. It was a step towards getting my friend out again. Although Brian's immature and unoriginal remark had annoyed me, I thought he was a nice lad and just right for Kathy.

         Gary didn't seem so pleased. After dropping Pat and her boyfriend off, he had wanted us to go for a drive in the countryside but I was having none of it. The car stopped at the green just short of my house and Gary put his arm around me.

         "That was a really fab night, Lynn. I really enjoyed your company. I'm sure I can't remember ever having a better time or being with a more beautiful girl."

         Creep, I thought. He reached across and started to kiss me but I didn't enjoy his kisses. I thought he kissed me as if he were trying to suck the flesh from half an orange. I didn't particularly like him and had only made up the foursome as a favour to my friend Pat. I thought I owed him something though because he had bought my drinks all night and I had enjoyed myself. Gary moved a hand onto my left breast. I thought I don't owe him that much and I pushed him away. "Look, I don't mind necking, but keep your hands to yourself. If you can't do that then I'll get out of the car now."

         "That's fair enough, Lynn. I get the message."

         I spoke the words as a warning. We kissed for a while and then Gary rested his hand on my knee. Slowly he moved his hand up under my skirt and up the inside of my leg. I pushed his hand away but seconds later it was back on my knee. Again I pushed his hand away and again he put it back but this time more forcefully. I didn't bother to move Gary's hand again but broke away from his embrace and moved my upper body towards the passenger door and moved my right hand gently taking hold of the hair at the back of his head. Gary misread my movements and thought that I was getting into a more relaxed position. He moved his hand further up my leg, inches away from his goal. He suddenly cried out in pain raising his hands to his face. He had not seen the fist coming that split the inside of his nose. He held his head forward as the blood trickled over his lips. I left the car and was through my front gate before he realised I had gone.

         I sat in my bedroom listening to Gary's car speeding away from my house but I was thinking of Mike and missing the tenderness and affection that I thrived on. I wondered if I had been unreasonable towards him. I knew he had to work hard with his father to make a success of the gym. He had told me I could call at the centre anytime I liked. I had gone twice but I didn't like the men there. If only there had been a few other girls. Half the men leered at me lustfully and the others looked at me with contempt as if I had no right to be there.

         I walked to the window and looked out into the moonlight looking for the Gonk. My mother had moved it and I spotted it sitting by the rose bush. I thought I would go and fetch it in the morning. I thought about Gary slobbering and groping me and I wondered if I had been a bit harsh striking him the way that I did. Mike had often behaved the same way and I had never punched him on the nose, though it might have been better if I had.

         Then the dark thoughts started to enter my mind again. Thoughts about how Mike had behaved the night before Kathy's mother's funeral. Taking advantage of my drunken and depressed condition and attacking me like some kind of wild man. He said it was my fault for teasing him beyond the limit that any man could take. I wondered if I had really done that. He promised me that it would never happen again and it had not. There had been other times since when we had made love but he had been tender and loving towards me and although I had been apprehensive, I had been willing. I remembered the lovemaking sessions in his bedroom and the feelings of passion that had been aroused in me. I wanted to see more of him and remembered the ultimatum I had given him. I gave a sigh. Perhaps it was my fault that we had split up. I had ruined everything.

         I got into bed, turned on my side and closed my eyes thinking that it might be time to call at the gymnasium and try to make up with Mike. It was better than being lonely and having to accept blind dates with creeps. I felt as if all the nice lads were frightened of going out with me, not only because my father was a well-known ex-fighter but also because I had been dating the town's macho man.

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