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by kika
Rated: E · Chapter · Sci-fi · #2056866
this is part of a story i am writing about a dying alien race looking for humans
Sir we will be out of the atmosphere in about 2 hours. Keep the ship hidden; we don’t want to be found by any earth people. Paley looked out of the window, he would be glad to get out away from this planet, there were too many complications. He had gone to that place called London that the earth man Michael had told him about, he had found the people Michael wanted to get rid of. They had been difficult to locate and he had sent his men down to find them. He had been told to bring back at least 20 people with an equal amount of men and woman, he had not been able to do that but he had gotten as many as he could without being detected, if they had any little ones he was to bring them back also. Counting the ones he had taken in that place London he had 8 men. He had wandered around randomly looking for possible candidates; he remembered Axile had said that the planet had something called homeless people. He really did not know what that was, he knew it meant people without any homes but where would he find them. He had the ship scout around to see if he could find these homeless people and after many hours he had found some sleeping under what he knew was called a bridge. He could not understand these earth practices, at least on his world the outcaste had houses even if they were not the best, and they were not sleeping in the streets for others to see them as they walked by. He had randomly taken the amount he felt the council wanted being sure to take families or at least what he thought looked like families. So
now they were on their way back home and in about 3-4 months he would be there and hopefully never to see this world again, he got up to go check on his 'guests'.
He walked up to the door, how are our 'guest' he asked the crewman standing outside the door. Nothing has changed sir he answered. He nodded and walked inside. Inside was another crewman, he nodded to him and continued walking; the room had been modified to accommodate all of the humans. He had figured out by deduction who was related and who was not. He had one cubicle with the men Michael had told him about, there were 3 cubicles with the homeless humans in them each one had 4 humans inside. He went up to the one with the London men inside, as he got closer one of the men started yelling again. This was a common practice for this human. He walked closer, as he did the man spoke, you keep us behind here cause you is scared, let us out and you'll see who is scared then. The man hit the barrier a couple of times, stop hitting it Harry you know it don’t break, that bloke out there thinks he is better then us that’s why we is in here and he is out there… he is scared. He looked at these humans, they knew that he was different yet they were not afraid. He could not speak to them since he was not stupid enough to give them a Trans like Axile had but he was seriously considering it. The man hit the barrier again, got nothin to say eh, you is lucky I’m in here and you is out there. He smiled, and then he walked over to the other barriers. He had numbered them, this was
barrier two-inside he had two woman and two little ones. They fought with each other in the beginning making him think now they were not a family. One of the little ones was covered in red matter; he thought maybe that was blood. He needed them to survive not die so maybe he should consider separating the little ones from the adults to keep them safe or maybe he should give them all a Trans. For a moment he wondered how Axile had managed. He walked over to barrier three-inside this one was 4 adults, no little ones, they just sat and looked at the wall all day, finally in barrier four was one man, one woman with a fat stomach which he found out was because she was with child, one small version of the man; he thought that was called a teenager and finally a little one. He was sure they were a family since the woman kept clinging to the man and the little ones all the time. They pulled away from the wall as he came nearer. The man slowly came forward, I don’t know if you can understand me but my wife here she needs medical attention, she is pregnant, do you understand what that means…. pregnant....she has a baby in her stomach. You seem like a nice fella, do you have a surgery on here; please you got to help my wife. He stared at the man as he put his palms on the wall then he turned and walked out into the hall.
The man from London watched as Paley left the room, he turned to the other men. Do you think those other folks over in the other boxes can hear us he asked one. Give it a try the man said. He turned; hey can you hear me he asked. The man with the
pregnant wife spoke, yes I can hear you. What’s your name, mine is Eli and this is my wife Betty and these are my kids….Jud and Abe. Do you have any idea what is going on or who these blokes are? My name is Jed but my mates call me Harry after me dad and no I don’t have any idea who they are or where we are. Got any idea how to get out of these boxes. I don’t think we can, when they bring the food they open a little slot on the bottom and slide the food in. I think the switch or whatever is on the outside. I don’t think even my little one here can get out that slot and even if he did where would he go, we don’t know where we are or what this place is. Jed nodded, that guy that comes in here seems to be in charge yet he does not speak to us, he just comes in sort of checking and then leaves. Maybe he don’t speak English so he doesn’t try. Well I want to know what is going on and that bloke is going to explain somehow even if he has to draw little pictures on the floor here. Eli nodded and went and sat back down.
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