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Kate crept along the wall, listening intently. Sounds of movement at the end of the hall told her that her goal was near. Flickering firelight from the partially open door made shadows jump and twist.

Kate wondered if hunting evil was really this cliche. “Whatever,” she whispered to herself.

Sliding her pack off, she slowly drew out the vial of liquid given to her by the old woman. “Throw the potion on him,” she had croaked in her old-woman’s voice. “Its touch will send him back to the hell from whence he came.”

Kate rolled her eyes at the memory. Cliche.

She pulled a dagger from the recesses of the pack. “No point in taking chances, if this potion doesn’t work,” she thought.

Taking a deep breath, Kate ran the last steps to the end of the hall and burst through the door.

Jarrod turned toward her. “Just in time to witness the end of the world before your own demise, my dear.”

Kate reminded herself that his devastating good looks hid a rotten soul. “Not my demise, Jarrod. Yours. I’m sending you back to your evil master.” She winced at her own words.

Pulling the stopper from the vial with her teeth, she flung its contents at Jarrod’s chest.

Jarrod looked at the spreading stain on his silk shirt and grimaced. Looking back up at Kate, he said, “Oh, dear. You’ve gone and ruined it.” His expression changed to horror seconds later, as the liquid soaked through to his skin. “What have you done? You’ve ruined everything!”

As his skin began to blacken and shrivel, his voice became shrill, “You haven’t heard the last of me.”

Moments later, only a scorch mark on the wooden floor remained where Jarrod stood. Kate frowned. “Yup. Cliche.”
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