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A magical awakening has occurred. Many people are finding they have magical abilities.
         Senna Skymoore awoke in the small dark room, the only light spilling in fromtorchlight down the hallway. She peered through the little window and all she could see was the torch on the other end of the hall. "Good." she whispered to herself. "Last thing I want to see is another person for awhile, I just want to be left alone to my studies in the library." Senna cast Prestidigitation to create a faint light and slowly creeped down the hallway; trying not to wake anyone.
         Life was grueling at Mountain Peak Academy. The excess of students incoming created a lack of housing for students and some have no better than a broom closet to sleep in; as was the case for Senna. There has been a sort of magical awakening through the land. Even farmers, beggars and peasants have started to show signs of magical ability. Senna coming from a lesser known line of a magical family wasn't awarded any special treatment and had been lumped into the rest of the riff-raff coming in off the streets. Despite the affront to Senna's sensibilities, it only urged her to study harder. She wanted to rise above the ranks of students by showing her magical abilities as something more than average. This required her to study late into night.
         As Senna entered the hallway in front of The Grand Library she lost her footing and slipped just outside the door. She was noticed by Norbertta Sycamore who poked her head outside the library doors after hearing the loud noise in the hallway. Norbertta was one of the most prestigious students at the academy, she wouldn't have a broom closet to sleep in, a whole suite most likely with more than enough room to study in, what could she possibly want in The Grand Library that she didn't have made available to her in her room?
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2057323