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Sergio gets something more than he bargained for, granted from a dream he will regret.
deaths master
by emmitt vonruden
it was like any other day. but with one difference, I have an unknown visitor… But allow me to back up a bit. At the very least introduce myself, my name is Sergio. Sergio Vaner. Did anyone believe the way your named would shape your life. Hmm, Thats what my family always told me. But when I told my peers. Well to put it short. My class years weren't anything cheerful. To top it all off, even my one and only friend joined in on the torture.! Even though… He was nicknamed Shit For Brains. All the time! But, sergio, yeah. Yet if you saw me. The name that would most suit me. is Burgermeister, i was a Chow Hound, Porker and all the nine yards.

After all those long, and daunting years. I've sworn to get in shape. It was one of the hardest walls I faced. While all I had in my head, is longing to play, WOW and chatting with anyone that’s in my party. over the world wide interface, with a slash of my comicbook collection. Oh christ! The adventures of vap man, and his gang of flavor enhancers is my favorite. How he combated the evil tar man… Well, when you think of it now. That comic series was nothing but an anti tobacco group, making vaping more interesting to kids. but that didn't matter to me. The story was interesting, thats all i cared about.

Now I'm more in shape than ever. But in the corner of my mind. I miss the torture that my sanity suffered through school. But I still have the courage, as I did when i was a baby I figure the best solution, is to research people on the telecomputer. What I call it. one minute i was searching overcoming social fear the next I was drawn towards an interesting site called www.demonfriendsummener.666… (not a real site)

When that caught my eye, I was shocked. I never saw this site before, and I nearly clicked all the gnet search bars to even there not being a single bar left. I sat there praising something that I should scream, and salivate in my pants with yellow liquid. As I started to drag the pointer dead center on the word friend in between, www.demonfriendsummener.666… when it started delivering the site.

A popup was uploaded, that seemed to be a contract. as i am one to read contracts. I sensed something amiss the the contract isn't that long a few sentences with two I Agrees “Holy Shit if it was this easy to make a friend. I would’ve done it years ago. two, I Agrees one says ‘I Agree to make this friend my eternal love or comrade’ Well thats strange, “but as far as anyone is concerned i'm a pest on this earth.” I think to myself, as i read the second i agree but it’s not, an, I Agree. The statement says i hereby sell my soul to the one that accepts the truce.

that made me pause a bit “How, is this a joke from a long ago crooked bastard, OR could this be sign from the heavens. but if so why sell my soul to hell let alone whatever accepts the other side.” All in an instance i responded without thinking, as coherence found something, that forced my finger down. After I selected unknowingly, a text was sent to my phone stating. “Your friend will arrive in no more than two business days thank you for your cooperation and lastly wake up-, wake up, WAKE UP

chapter .5
I start reopening my eyes, just in time to feel a damaging right hook, aimed toward the jaw. I slip to the ground, of what my brain now realizes, is my dorm room. I painfully open my mouth to say “What the hell was that for, Shit For Brains.” The exact response he reconvened, through is a dumbfounded laugh. From which was his laugh since middle school sounds. like a character from a cartoon starring a Goofy dog that stood on two legs.

he says in a jokey tone “What did I do sergio, oh… i’m sorry. I meant sergayo! or was it,” I interrupt ”Just shut up man. Don't you have a slut club to bang?” he stops, putting a hand to his forehead. Then, as if a light went off in his head. he cheered as he said “oh yeah! by the way this came in the mail for you… Don't worry. I didn't open it that’s at least one truce. I swore to keep. So, here, see you later.

with that he smirked, turned, and slams the open door behind him. I can hear him singing a, sexist sexual song of the top of his voice. Then that song went dead silent, as he reached the stairs. I sit in the quietness of the over stuffed 11 by 9 cell room of a dorm building, near ground floor. falling from a seated position, to a shaken comfortable prone position. Taking in a few deep breaths. A some calm sense enveloped my head, that what I did was just a dream. That's when my focus was placed towards the envelope, the cover seemed just as any dollar tree packing paper.

As my eyes searched for a return stamp. I let out a gurgling shudder, throwing the sealed note as far as i could yet as paper a simple open hand throw was little in distance. “shit!!! i-i-it can't be. it was a dream, It had to be a damn dream. what happened in the dream again.” my head spinned even more endlessly than before like a malfunctioning spinner, it never completely stops. i stammered, and mumbled to myself “it goddamn says on the post. from the official head, of www.demonfriendsumoner.666! this can't be… this has to be some, sick, joke!” I cautiously and weakly approach the sealed envelope, as though the earth around me was suctioning my torso.

I grabbed that which, I think is a envelope sealing a letter of death. my hands shaking like a ninety year old man, nearing the date he may meet his maker. Tearing the top feeling a strong burn like sensation on my arm. I grabbed the single paper, unfolding the three bends, as gingerly as it could be. glazing my image sending receptors. Reading the writing that to be frank, is in a language I can't read. Latin Aramaic. I say under my breath “shit how am i supposed to read this?! well, “sigh” at least this is not a joke. so I can calm down about that but whaaa…”

i was stopped. smelling a strong scent of perfume, that I can't even tell if its real, or just stress fueled. I stay solid in place. Staring towards the blue painted wall. That is starting to fade to the plaster black that it was before being painted. I heard whatever it was say in somehow a computerized female tone. “I can, but don't turn around. I want the deal to be on time! Not earlier! Not later! On time,. The note states, transaction complete, your gift will arrive two business days, thank you and and have a wonderful day..” I start to turn, but was cut short by a deafening scream. the intruder, or invited guest Spattering out. “Stay facing away, like I said before.” Hearing a drawer being drawn with a slice sound, I knew it was my antique sword that was said to be passed down from my tenth great grandfather to my father then where it rests now, to me. “You still have till tomorrow, if I kill you it will be justifiable, in my home realm.”
I calmly say “what hell hmm…”
seconds later I feel a scratch on my back but then a retracting sound. “ I wish to say no and end your miserable life but yes…, This is a lovely sword. Where did you get this?
“hmm, now were making small talk or what the Fuck’s going on. or would you like a beer and chat of young times.” I say with a monotone having some regret even mentioning. It scared me seeing an. image of getting the blade implanted in my torso, before I could even see the friend to be.

the mysterious figment sighs, and shuffles nearer to my back.pain shuffles to my head in the tingle of a strong headache. That usually happen after a morning hangover of a before night, you thank god for forgetting. She holds her arm out pointing the blade straight. as the tip reached passed my head. I slowly grasp the blade that has several blood splotches that i know is not all my own.she releases the handle, before I could get a good grip. with a spout of blood shooting out like a parasite, lurching out of a hiding spot to attack.

Damn it, this stings. I spin around to meet the apparition, eye to eye. or well, eye to darkness. she had no eyes to speak of exactly, I know she’s looking at me, but yet I don't. the figment backed to the locked door hands cupping chest twisting her legs together as a way of a privacy leaf format. simultaneously and slowly retreating to her ass. then formed a pretzel with her legs her eyes met mine again. As I approached her pitiful facial expression. I crouch to my knees, and say with question “What say if I tidy you up, you seem to have cut your stomach.

She sniffs, observing the area, like a dog searching for food, Then without a seconds guess, launched to her feet initiated to charge. But naive she is, I do a quick movement to the door missing her grip but within moments, I grabbed her arm. with a force, I could never muster before launching her to her stomach pinning her down. I hear a muffled laughter she says.

” You're stronger than you look. I will now call you my master with honor but just one question…” I smack the laughing well built chick, and shout. “I'm the one asking questions! I’m drawing a blank, as to how no one investigated the scream of anger? The idea was stuck in my head for a little bit, please answer me?!”

The demon continued to laugh, and squirm. But stopped abruptly, moving her head to the side. “Only you can see, Hear, Feel, Smell, and Taste! Me that’s why you sold your soul. No matter what you think, I claimed your soul we wont die. If anyone attacks you they're going to regret ever laying a punch on you. Friends to the end, and someday perhaps lovers. But I see you don't trust me at all. so I have a lot of proving to do. Lastly someone’s approaching this area, that I sense lives here as well. So here we are. one kneeling with leverage of nothing, to what others will see. But they will spot your all with a treasured sword that hasn't been touched in ages, now with someone your own blood. so tell me master what are your commands.”

I move my head side to side, seeing the room or part of it damaged. agitated i let out a confirming. “Well, if you're not going to attack me, I'll let you go. My question is, can I trust you?” She began squirming lifting her leg grasping my neck, and with one quick motion flung me to the ground, and wrapping her hands around my neck. but not squeezing more like rubbing. She flashes a weak smile and whispered “Is this proof enough master”

I tilt my head towards the door. As I hear a limping, near passed out man named Shit For Brains, that I think will reveal a daunting tired face. But I have at least a few minutes before someone getting tired of heaving and loud grunts, and escorts him to his actual room. I look up and ask “Before I ask you to get off me, I at least deserve to know your name please”

she nods and smirks lifting up to her feet, and confided “Name me what you like, I never had a name for a long time. as well, since you're the only one on this rock that sees me. you choose but name me in two days. I may be in trouble just speaking to you this early.”

I accepted the terms with a nod. the last thing she said was “consider this a sneak peek to who i am. i'm already eager to be destined to you??? may i ask your name
names Sergio that a sad name isn't it” she left just as she appeared out of thin air I scope the room. the room was spotless not a dot of degree of harm the sword was locked back in place. i wondered what may go on in two days.

after all that i noticed the note was a little different, so i more calmly snatched the letter.

it reads
consider this pre gift please be patient for me. i'll be there soon
with care

turning the note backwards. I was caught off guard in the form of a photo opt revealing full front plus back, side by side. I think in my head. “hugh, yeah, this'll be a good start I didn't think it would be this kind of friend.” i shoved the paper in my back pocket making sure it can't be noticed. yet even if he grabs the paper, I doubt he could see it anyway.

Just as I removed my hand, the lumbering ape came in with one of the slut club's finest members. then began a sleepless night filled with praise for the porcelain throne for all its good generosity of relieving all three openings spewing out what was hosed in from the club social refreshments. while i was the one designated to watch to make sure he stays on his side when he actually falls asleep. Unless I want cops coming in, and the group realizing he's only 19 and considered a lost cause.
they bumped up drinking age to 25 and adolescents to 21 they only resolve that their adults through this test called. Not A Dumbass Report. with lie suppressor, brain thought scanner included. by the tests they've concluded that shit for brains is a lost cause his drinkable age was 30 for reasons i can't begin to understand. i passed the test at age 20 that’s rare so they allowed me to drink three drinks a day no restrictions on what they are. But I only got into drinking my other true friend JD or jack dane. If you can't figure that out, you're a lost cause. because SFB considered beer piss of the gods.
The thing I heard before he finally passes out for the night is something he rarely says but what i heard was. “thank you Sergio” he usually says that when he’s drunk but i take it for what it is. a calm form of acceptance. I let out a sigh, putting SFB back near the picture of his dead parents past picture. when they were happy and alive, in an effort to both calm him and attempt to shock some sense, in the now beer running, STD prone jackass of a poor soul

A few hours passed, and the last groggy gasp for air was calmed to a sobering breath. I think to myself as I do every night nearing dawn, a vapor of sweat slid down my pained neck. thus a new day emerged. not a night with energizing sleep. whatever i can get that would bring me even a sliver of energy are those white pills that truckers are handed to quench their energy meter. the less tired their wagon drivers are the more sweet greens they receive.

Before long my mind was set to looking at the slip of paper shoveled in my pocket smashed between the gluts and a worn out cushion that was my watch upon spot across separate corners of the room. but from what i can tell has no difference to where shit for brains is resting besides the fact of not chair the flooring has a scent of 6 month vomit, and this building doesn’t knows what else it’s a dump for everyone to cleanse their stomachs and enabling them to stuff, then empty day, after day, after day. that's college for you a place meant to be used for “experiments” That in the long run will bite them in the liver, kidney, and not to forget the forbidden fruit that all people take as an, entertainment destination. some more than others i can damn well reason with.
retrieving the crumpled picture my mind whirled with the feeling of regret … fifteen minutes later… well that’s the day’s entertainment finished better check on SFB… as i exit the room of shame. that i consider the bathroom, where SFB was laying a usual note read “thanks for watching over my plastered ass. Sergio, I owe you another drink don't I see you later!
suddenly there came a smell followed by “Finally i'm back to earth and i am at your service what should i call you.
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