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A poem about choosing your blessings
The wise men saw a light that shone so true
And followed it to find a special boy.
And when they asked King Herod for a clue,
He asked them to come back and share the joy.

I heard a person knock on my front door
And stopped my daily work to check it out.
The messenger had left, but on the floor
I found a note. What was it all about?

The note held words of what was possible,
A chance to work within my chosen field.
A step above, I’d be responsible
For bigger things, with power I could wield.

I made my application for the spot.
I talked with him who would have been my boss.
He talked of troubles; this job had a lot.
I thought this job might hold less gain, more loss.

He questioned my ability to deal
With all the hardships this job would employ.
Although I know my strengths are very real,
Would moving to it really bring me joy?

Abundance comes from God’s unfailing grace.
I’m given opportunities each day.
But sometimes when you look them in the face,
You know that you had better walk away.

The wise men, after finding our young Lord,
Were warned; they had misgivings of that king.
The king would praise them, but could they afford
Endangering the child for such a thing?

And like the wise men, something told my mind
That this move carried such a heavy load.
And so I closed this door so I could find
My destination by another road.
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