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by Damize
Rated: E · Prose · Fantasy · #2057445
True love in a world that just doesn't understand it.
Aldatoir stood watching the other guests dancing. His eyes kept shifting to the room where occasionally he'd see the masked face of his companion. Being lonely for years had led him to what he created. It would probably end him hung in the gallows if it was found out what he had done, doing such forbidden research. He could care less as he was finally happy. After a few more dances, much clapping and consumption of wine. Aldatoir stood to address his guests," And now, for the moment you've all wished and waited for, the high light of the night. Might I present, the guest of honor, my own, Delvoir." As the masked man stepped out from the crowd and walked toward Aldatoir, the room was silent. They all stared curiously at him as he outstretched a hand to Aldatoir, taking his gloved hand and the music began. Both danced and moved elegantly around the room to an uproar of joy and clapping. It had been years since any of his company had seen him seem in any form happy and many hadn't seen him dance since the day his wife had passed. After their very long, elegant dance, everyone crowded them quickly, and began to ask questions. Delvoir backed against Aldatoir and turned violently to avoid anyone touching his mask. He tried to push through as a bit of an ambitious youth grabbed the mask and tore it free. The room grew silent as he fell to the ground. Aldatoir pushed through the group as a woman screamed in horror. Delvoir looked up with his hollow eyes, he stood and ran off. Aldatoir moved to run after him but some of the other men turned on him as most of the guests ran out of his mansion. He stood staring at the men as they began to talk down his "abomination" and began to criticize him. Aldatoir stood firm and waited for them to give him a moment of word, without noticing Delvoir peering out of his room at the male, he spoke. "And what right do any of you have to judge another's happiness? Hmm?" Aldatoir's voice said, strong and unwavering," Do tell me, why he is an abomination? He is not, as you might perceive as, 'alive' but he is very much alive. Did you not see how he ran away in shame? Do you not feel shame? And do you not have hearts that beat with love? As do I and as does he. No dance, no dance can ever be truly that sweet, that beautiful, that elegant, NOR that perfect, unless there is love. Practice year in and year out, memorize the steps so you might do them alone and in your sleep...and I promise you, you will not beat a couple who dances in love..." The men stared at him a long while and shook their heads, grabbing him and dragging him out of his home, pulling him along with them and tying him up to a stake and leaving to get the sheriff.

And there, all night he would remain, tied to the stake. His heart melted truly, but upon glancing up, he saw there the male with the golden mask. Who walked close to him, and took his hand, kissed it softly and then removed his gloves, and set them far from the base of the stake. And he stayed, as the town's folk began to build up the pile of wood beneath his lovely Aldatoir. And he climbed a top the pile and the men brought on their torches. And he stood, removing his mask and then the cloth that no one had removed before. Handsome and godlike was his face, but his voice, was melodious and smooth. He spoke solemnly, first that the town folk would hear his voice," You all are monsters. I see that now. You call me a monster, because I did not come to be by your means. You all were excited for your friend when he had a party. All excited when he was happy. And now you are to burn him at the stake for his happiness? And he said to you men, have you not hearts that love? Have you not shame? And I see now, that you do not. Aldatoir is a man that you all have looked up to for many years, all come to in your time of need. And because he tired of loneliness and therefore remedied it...you all turn your backs on him. I am not the monster, for the monster, is what all of you are collectively. So I pray thee, allow him one last bit of happiness, tie me with him and burn us together..." He threw his mask to his master's gloves and Delvoir moved behind Aldatoir and wrapped his arms around him, resting his head against his shoulder. The men and women stood in tears, looking between one another before two men rose up the pile and bond the males together. Aldatoir wept, begging that they had some heart. Delvoir kisses his master's cheek and whispered softly to calm himself and be happy, for he did not hide his love and for he would eternally be in his embrace. And then, the torches dropped and the blaze began, Aldatoir and Delvoir shared their first and final kiss.
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