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We need to feel, so that we know we are alive, and we need to experience so we can grow.
The Note

I’ll make them sorry
there's nothing more to say

Pen and paper
hands trembling

Pain beyond belief
sorrow beyond words

An emptiness I can no longer live with…

Day to day
guttural despair

I seem to all
a faded memory

A ghost to many
loved by only a few

And it’s like I just want them to realize
need for them to feel
the loss of me

In my mind
it’s so very simple

In a moment being
the next not

But this decision
is so hasty

born of a deep sadness
something my soul just cannot shake

Please see my pain
stop my tears

Hold me close
say no words

Just keep my hand
from completing
this note

- Debbie Lyn Jones - 2010

About: I wrote this during a time when there were new deaths almost daily and I wrote a companion article, entitled: "I Hurt", where I said the following:

"We hold our pain unto ourselves for that moment & we grieve that second
but often it turns into minutes and then hours ...

And the emotions run away with us and grow ....
as the hours tick off and by, unless we are... interrupted..."

We need to see them, we need to understand them if we can and we need to, most of all be there for them, while they work through this anguish...

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