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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Death · #2057748
Most sinful man ever meets ghost rider
One day on a dusty desert road sweet tooth drove hoping he wou:d find another person to kill. while driving in the oposite direction drove ghost rider. TIME 12:00

Soon Sweet tooth sall what looked like a motorcycle burst into flames "Ha" the murrderus clown laft, "Fucker died befor I could even reach him!" At that moment the motorcycle shot out heading strate for the sweet toth ice cream truck. "Guilty!" Yelled ghost rider who had drawn his chain wip and was lashing it whiledly above his head. "YOU MUST PAY FOR YOUR ACTIONS" "THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN!" Screamed sweet tooth as rail guns aperied on the sides of his truck.


Sweet thooth fires 3 rounds from his rail guns and maneges to miss every shot. Ghost rider retaleates by lashing his chain strate at sweet tooths face, it only maneges to crack the windshield. Enraged Sweet tooth fires another round, and maneges to shoot ghost rider off his bike. Sweet tooth quikly turns the truck around to rame the skeleton man, just as Ghost rider lifts up the vehicle. Sweet tooth instantly ejects from the truck just as it lands on it's side, sweet tooth looks up to see Ghost rider, now running strate at him. Sweet tooth tries to get up but Ghost rider is already picking him up, Sweet tooths grabs his machete and holds it behind his back, "Feel the pain of all of the people you've kil-" at that moment Sweet tooth swings the jaged blade strate at the skeleton's neck. Ghost rider drops the clown who lands on his feet an shoots ghost rider in the chest with a shot gun befor running twords his truck and getting inside it. Confused Ghost rider gets op and snaps his neck back into place he then takes out his rifle and shoots the underbelly of the truck reveling Sweet tooth armed to the teeth with all kinds of weapons. (3 hours later) Sweet tooth has barley managed to survive ghost riders attacks but ghost rider can't get close enough for the penince stare. TIME 5:00. Sweet tooth finaly runs out of amo, he pulls out a red button and presses it, suddenly a giant mech falls from the sky Sweet tooth cimbs in as Ghost rider gets back on his bike. FINAL ROUND. Ghost rider zooms striaght at the clown mech zipping between it's legs. fereous at how long this is lasting Sweet tooth begins shooting everything from bullets to bombs everywhere. In the midst of the madness Ghost rider sees an opening, he zooms straght through the center of the mech, jumps off his bike, grabs the clown and looks him in the eyes, Suddenly a heat rushes through the clown until his intire head has burnt off.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2057748