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Rated: E · Short Story · Biographical · #2057890
written for a contest prompt: what tests your faith.
Faith, A Fragile Thing
By Lisa Noe *Cat2*

Faith, it is a fragile thing; if you are not strong enough you could lose it.
I was challenged over the past few years, with unbelievable circumstances.
I’ll start at the beginning. I was married to my high school sweetheart in 1986.
It was the happiest day of my life. I was only married for three months when my
Father became ill and was hospitalized; the next morning he would die.
I had been very close to my father he was an air force sergeant and my best friend.
I recall the sad sound of taps being played at his funeral. Three months later my
Grandpa, who lived with my mother, fell down the stairs at her apartment and when
He went to the doctor and they x-rayed him they found cancer. He would also die, and
I was very fond of him. For the next few years I lost my grandma, my aunt, and my uncle,
who was murdered. I then had a miscarriage, and when I went to the doctor about it they
diagnosed me with severe endometriosis, I had a tumor the size of a baby’s head in me, but
thanks to God it was not malignant I did have to have a hysterectomy, but it went wrong
and I suffered in very much pain for a day or so and the doctors finally decided to check me
out and the dummies had left something in me following surgery; I had to go through another
emergency surgery, it was a nightmare. When I got home I had a few months of rest. I was
always grateful to God for bringing me through all of that, He is always in my mind and heart.
A little time would pass and soon I would be coming home from my mother’s house and I passed
Out at the wheel of the car and my car rammed a tree and flipped on it’s side; I was unbuckled
It was only two doors down from my home. I was badly injured, both arms, my leg, and all of
my ribs on one side were broken. I would end up having five surgeries on my left arm and two
on my right, and two on my leg. The worst part of it was that I received an concussion and I
had a lack of oxygen, which is why I passed out and wrecked. I was not to be the same person
any longer, I had to quit college because I could not think straight or concentrate I had a lack of
oxygen to my brain which affected my intellect. Following my arm surgery, I got pneumonia
and was placed in ICU, I almost died, I had to be transported to another hospital which specialized
in lung diseases, because of the pneumonia. While there they diagnosed me with a rare disease called
interstitial lung disease, I can die very simply if I get the flu, cold, and pneumonia.
Through all of this I have been able to keep my faith though I became angry that I am now a different
Person, I am too child like now, and the worst part is that I know it. But God has his reasons
And perhaps I will one day understand them, but it is not for me to understand it is for me to comply.
I love the Lord and I think I have a very strong faith and I don’t think anything will ever shake my faith.
I know that with out God in my life I would have no life. He saved me each of those times in which I
Needed him, he was always there. When I thought I was going to die, I saw the window in my room
Disappear, and there was black out side with little lights which radiated like stars. I was not afraid
A dark figure of a person came into my room at the hospital and lay a hand on my shoulder from behind
The bed. He spoke my name and told me I would be fine. I wanted to go with this figure; I tried hard to
Get up out of the bed but was unable to move. This was real, this was from Heaven I believe.
The next morning I was no longer in physical distress like I had been. My faith will never falter.

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