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Four friends try to survive criminals taking them through space and alt-universes.
Anyone that has an idea that could help me go ahead and tell me.

Chapter One

"Keagan, hurry up you're going to be late for school" Keagan's mother yelled from the kitchen doorway. Keagan Tech is a 16 year old boy who loves to play video games and read science fiction books. He would love to explore space someday. Kaley, his twin sister, is almost just like him, but with minor differences. She loves to tease Keagan, and in stead of exploring space like her brother she would like to time travel. Kaley was already heading to their moms van. Keagan came out of his room and ran outside to get to the van. "Hurry next time, slow poke." Kaley teased him.
"I just lost track of time playing video games." answered Keagan. "Will you two just sit down and buckle up" Their mother said. After the twins buckled up their mom pulled out of the driveway and drove them to school for their first day of their junior year. As they were on their way to school they saw their friends, Makayla and Ryan, walking to school. As they passed, Keagan waved to them.
When they got to school, their mom said "Have a good first day! See you when you get home" "We will, see you soon," Keagan said, "Bye." Their mother drove away as they began to walk to the school door. When they got in they waited for their friends to get there. Their friends, Makayla and Ryan, walked through the door and greeted the twins.

I am going to skip the school day for now and head to the end of the school day or the action part.

The twins began to walk home with their friends. Five blocks away form the school some thing weird happened, a strange portal like thing appeared about a foot above the ground. "What do you think that is?" asked Keagan as they staired and pointed at it. No one had time to anwser him for that was when seven people started to come out of it. Three of them were women the other four were men.

I have more to write but I ran out of time will continue when I have time.
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