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A retelling of the Little Mermaid... in an alternate universe!
No Fairy Tail

You may already have heard of my story,
a mischievous, young merman bound in the sea.
I was hopelessly in love with life on land -
a longing my father could not understand.

You see, I was captivated by a prince,
who saved me from a fish-man, and ever since -
we became close; we talked and laughed, even kissed!
Before our lips met, I have not known such bliss.

However, all good things must come to an end.
We were found out, and could no longer pretend.
My heartless king forever drove us apart,
slaying him with his trident, killing my heart!

For many moons, without sleep, I lay in bed
with mem'ries of my prince swimming in my head.
His hair, dark as the caves we used to explore;
his eyes, his lips and his smile - I wanted more.

I craved more time for us, the freedom to love,
and a chance to be together up above.
By the seashore, in our world, I was happy.
There, in his arms, I knew we were meant to be.

But sadly, my story is no fairy tail.
I realized love does not always prevail.
I'm no Arielle, and Eric he is not.
Still, in another life, we may have a shot!

So, to you dear reader, I must say goodbye.
I am off now to meet my love in the sky.
In a place, not land nor sea; two boys can be
free to love each other, with no tragedy!

...28 lines...

"The LGBT Writing Contest - reopens 2021
August-September Prompt:
Retell a classic fairy tale/story/poem
with LGBT characters,
using any genre or time-period.

WON 1st Place in the Poetry category:
Awarded a Gay/Lesbian *Badge* and 10K *Ribbon*!!

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