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Rated: 13+ · Draft · Action/Adventure · #2058259
A girl, An alien Bounty hunter, And his nervous pilot, What could possibly go wrong?
Eric rose from the corpse of his recent victim..... Took a second to admire his work, then turned to leave. But standing rather conveniently in the doorway he intended to exit from.... Was a human girl. She looked no more than 18 earth years (an approximation of the highest order since Eric had no idea how frail these human beings were), and was wearing some sort of dress. A dirty one at that.
There was an awkward silence for about two minutes as the two stared at each other from across the room, the girl was remaining terribly still and Eric was worried if she had some sort of condition that made her stare at people for prolonged periods of time.
Suddenly she broke the silence
'Erm hello... How are you today? '
She looked down at the dead man behind him
' Did you just kill that man? '
' I certainly hope so'
'Why? '
' Well he owed me money and decided to run around telling people that I have a bowel disorder, something I didn't take kindly to'
Eric had no idea why he was opening up to her, but something about her..... Compelled him to answer her questions
She nodded appreciatively
'So..... Can I leave now? 'He asked tentatively' I need to go before anyone notices I alighted upon this rock'
'Where are you going? '
' As far away from here as I can'
'You're not going to bury your friend over there? '
He looked back at the slain man and shrugged
' Wasn't planning on it really '
' It's not nice to just leave your friends bodies lying around in random buildings you know. Makes you seem untidy '
' In which case I'm the untidiest man in the galaxy. And in any case he wasn't even my friend '
She shook her head judgmentally.
Eric begun to tire of these games, he had a billion other things to do and people to hunt, and this human girl in a dirty dress was setting his schedule back weeks by simply speaking with him. He decided he' d have to kill her, and continue on his way. Maybe he'd put in some effort and place her body next to the man he'd just killed. Just to prove her wrong.
'Okay i think I'll have to be going now ' he said confidently and made for the door. She moved to intercept
' I still have questions '
He sighed and pulled out a phaser from his belt and pointed it straight at her forehead.
' Listen girl, first of all I don't appreciate being judged by a lifeform less than 100 galactic cycles old, second, do you ever think of staring at people less? It could really improve your social skills. And third if you don't move out of this doorway, I'm going to shoot you in the forehead, place you neatly next to my friend there and leave this godforsaken planet for good. Understand? '
She contemplated this for a while.....remaining calm all the while. After a series of eye rolls and possible self arguments, she spoke
' Were you really going to lay me neatly next to the man you just killed? '
Eric shrugged, an increasingly frequent habit around this girl it would seem
' There's a first time for everything '
She nodded again
' I'm coming with you '
Eric shook his head, Are all human beings this obstinate, he thought to himself
' Only the chosen few ' She replied
Eric turned sharply, A Mind reader? He thought
' No I'm not a mind reader..... You just think aloud that's all'
'So am I coming with you? '
Eric pretended to ponder for a second.... Then when he felt he had waited the appropriate amount of time... He spoke adamantly
' No, I'm not taking anything from this planet except a rock for my rock collection '
' I find it hard to believe that you collect rocks 'She said.... Smiling slightly.
Eric shifted under her uncomfortable gaze
' Well believe what you want. Everyone needs a hobby. Yours is proabably making galactic travellers uncomfortable '
She shrugged
' Okay that's enough of this 'Eric said.... Exasperated... And proceeded to do what he probably should have done in the first place. His arm had been hurting from pointing the gun at the girl... And he was beginning to get hungry. So he just passed her and left. Before he exited the building however.... She had something to say
'If you leave, I'm going to run after you screaming till you accept my proposal. Or till you kill me... It's your choice really '
He turned... Preparing to hit her with a statement of such unquestionable logical premise that she would simply stand there.... Dumbfounded and amazed by his intellect. But before he had the chance, voices rose from the other side of the doorway.
In hindsight.... Many an hour later as he pondered his actions in thst warehouse.... He would have thought on what he could have done differently, and would shake his head in abject disappointment at the wastage of a perfectly good logical argument.
He grabbed the girl by her shoulders and pulled her to the side of the warehouse, where they were partly hidden by the stairs. He motioned to the girl thst she should keep quiet (which he highly doubted she would do) and waited.
Two guards walked in, armed with phaser rifles and bio suits. Eric supposed they were part of the Imperial Guard. He hated the Imperial Guard.
They engaged in some idle banter as they walked into the warehouse, which involved an argument about which planet had the most beautiful women, between Olaris and Mechan.
It went as follows
'I'm telling you.... No one wants to date a robot. Imagine she spills oil on ya food, that's not going to agree with your digestive tract '
' And I'm telling you the women from Olaris, far dumber than these earth rocks '
Then they say the dead body
' Well well well, what do we have here Grik'
The one called Grik replied, and in an attempt to seem interesting.... Totally ruined the moment
'He's dead isn't he? '
His companion turned towards him..... Disappointment emanating from him
' Yes Grik, that tends to happen when you have a six inch hole blasted through your sternum '
' Just asking.... No need to be all rude. Who do you think killed him Larry? '
Eric scoffed as silently as possible, an Imperial Guard named Larry? The Guard was really slacking in its recruitment protocols
Larry bent down to examine the corpse further
' Body's still fresh, killer can't have gone far. And the warehouse was clean when we swept it a few minutes ago. Unless we have a form shifter.... I'd say we have us a murder case Grik. Finally the skills I got as a detective in the Outer Quadrants are about to pay off'
'Oh Joy ', Grik said enthusiastically
Then The girl sneezed. It was quiet, and she had tried to hide it, but the dust had agitated her rather delicate olfactory facilities. Eric looked at her like she had just murdered his mother. She looked at him and shrugged.
The Imperial guards turned they weapons to their region of the warehouse immediately.
'Oi' Grik shouted rather elegantly 'Who's there?'
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