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Darkness or light, beginning or end?
Come my child, enter here, to this place beyond your world. A place beyond the reach of your tormented life. The darkness has consumed you for far to long and now is your release, for within these pages their cruelty cannot touch you. Their words will be unheard, their lashes unfelt, their lies untold and you shall be free. Free to be a child as you were meant to be, as innocent as your untarnished soul. That is one thing they could not bruise, your beautiful soul. It sings to us like a soft melody floating on the breeze; so sweet. Come to us my child so we shall relieve you of your burdens and you shall be free of the shadows. It is safe here. There is no pain only joy and laughter amongst our walls of paper and ink. The words you've read can be real and anything you dream can be yours. That's it, come to us my dear; come, come. It's not much further now. Can you hear the wondrous sounds of happiness coming from within? You're almost there now, each step brings you closer to the light of joy. We can feel your amazing spirit coming closer, so close now we can almost taste it. Not to worry, come to us; we are all your friends. So sweet, just a bit further. There now. Can you see?

A deafening crack shatters the child's reality as the pages of the book seal forever. Trapped. She hears laughter, harsh cackles all around her; she can't move. Her eyes grow heavy as her life seems to slip away from her and she crumbles to the ground. Barely able to breathe she gasps for air. “W-why?” she mutters. “Because your soul is pure and oh so sweet”, gruesome creatures creep from the darkness surrounding her, evil grins torn across their hideous faces. “Come my child, enter here, to this place beyond your world; the darkness shall release you.”

Word Count: 329

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2058499