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by Dazza
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This brief document offers some useful advice about recruitment agencies
A popular misconception about recruitment agencies is that "It's their job to find you a job" this is not the truth. The truth is that it is their job to fill positions offered to them by their clients (businesses) because it is the businesses that pay them.

When you enter a recruitment agency you need to be dressed smartly (no tracksuits) this shows them that you are a professional person whom cares about getting a job. Keep good levels of eye contact with the recruitment consultant and offer them a handshake. Hand them a clean copy of your CV not a crumpled scrap of paper.

Often a recruitment consultant will give you a small interview which at it's core seems like a friendly chat however maintain professionalism at all times, because the consultant is figuring you out. Avoid negative statements such as "I cant" and "I wont". Maintain a good posture with no slouching on the chair, avoid crossing your arms because this shows that you are closed to opinion. Listen carefully to what is said because they may ask you the same question a number of times but asked in different ways. Never speak in negative ways about past employers because this does not look good on your character. Make sure you are clear in what you're looking for in a role this makes it easier for the agency to find roles that are suited to you. Once the interview has ended thank the consultant for their time and again shake hands.

recruitment agencies often have 100's of people looking for work on their books, this means often they never get to know you on a personal level. Because of this it is advisable to give them a call once a week and ask if anymore roles have become available because this keeps you fresh in the consultants mind and as such it is more likely they will put you forward for roles.

remember that one an agency has put you forward for a role the business whom they are working on behalf of will also most probably interview you. Do your research on the company so you can confidently answer any questions that come your way.
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