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Rated: 13+ · Review · Fantasy · #2058620
The chosen is awakened.
         I am not sure why I came to be as I am now, all at once there was an awareness inside me. Until this moment I have had no recollection of thought, yet I know I have felt the breeze blow. I know I have thirsted for the rains, and they have been sated. I know I have eaten the warmth of the sun.

         Before I was aware there was only the primal instinct of my kind, a knowing of things like the changing of the seasons. Deeply within, other things would drift in and out, from time to time. Like figures and faces that I felt I should know, but how could that be. Sounds and voices echoing from somewhere other than now. Names and places called towns, what need have I of these my Mistress. I did not have a comprehension of these things. She told me in her way that I would understand them when I needed to. It was only necessary that these things were within me, when the time came.

         Suddenly I felt pain everywhere, as though I had been struck by murderous lightening, tearing me apart. The pain was so terrible, it was everywhere thoughout my core. I could feel my limbs thrashing about. The ground, so long had it held me true was heaving me out. The very roots of my being, torn asunder. Torrents of wind stripping everything that I was away. So proud had I stood amongst my brethren, for so long. What is happening to me?

         The searing pain was subsiding, the fire inside me passing. There is only a dull ache deep inside me now. I cannot tell for how long I felt the pain inside. I can now sense the movement of time, I can understand it in a way that has never mattered before. I can feel a consciousness beginning deep inside me. New sensations, never before have I felt in this manner. I feel myself moving as I have with the wind in the past. Only, the wind is not the cause of my movement now. Some other force now compels me. I feel myself moving awkwardly against the wind.

         I feel naked before the breeze, it touches me almost in the manner I am accustomed to, softy and gently caressing me. Although I cannot explain the difference. I can faintly hear a whisper riding on that breeze. Though the sounds are foreign to me, I feel that I should understand their meaning. I feel a healing warmth upon me. The sun, so welcome as always but also different. The breeze is whispering to me again, only louder this time. I will myself to focus on understanding the meaning of the whispered words. It seems to be crying out to me with an urgency. The sound is no longer a whisper, it is like a tornado inside of me. I am given no choice but to hear the loud commanding voice that is within, and heed it.


         “Wake my child”, said the source of the soft singing whisper. The sound of Her voice was more beautiful than that of the early spring bluebirds, as they celebrated the coming of the warm weather. "Wake my child" she said again. I opened my eyes, seeing for the first time all that was and had been around me always. The colors made me dizzy with excitement, I drank in all that was near me. The proud tall oak trees, towering over me were the first to catch my attention. I could feel the rough bark of one of my brethren at my back, I could smell the sharp odors of the woods being carried on the breeze though I could not tell them apart. The rush of sensations were intoxicating. Standing in front of me was a form I did not recognize, but knew within it was the source of the whisper.

         The figure was veiled in simple robes the colors of the forest. The sight of her struck him as magnificent, her long black hair flowed like a river in winter. Though it looked as if a beaver may have called it home for the twigs and other debris tangled in it. Her soft round eyes were friendly and inviting. The simple robes hung close to her body, showing the beauty contained within them. She extended her hand toward him and said "come". He took her hand, taking in the softness of her touch. The warmth that came from her hand made him think of sunshine. Standing on wobbly legs, it took all of his concentration to keep them under him. “All will be made easier with time” said the woman.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2058620