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I wrote this tribute for pedestrians killed by distracted motorists.
Just Another Day

It was just another day
when I said my farewells

Hugged my family
as I left on my way

It was just another day
when I stopped in for coffee

Saying my friendly hellos
to those in & around

It was just another day
when the driver was too busy to see me

Distracted by other things
Attention to what they deemed more important

It was just another day
when my body hit the road

My coffee falling to the concrete
my blood painting the ground

It was just another day
when I took my last breath

When I saw them
standing over me - murmuring, “I’m sorry”

It was just another day
my family mourned for me

And flowers were hung
at the site where I died

It was just another day
when they said their last farewells

Another person dies
another loss for the world

And on this story goes
round and round endlessly

Until we learn that no distraction
is worth the price paid by.. another

Debbie Lyn Jones - 09/23/15

About: On my way to work, I passed so many tributes set up for those who died at specific locations. One was across from where I work. He died after he purchased a cup of coffee at a convenience store, as he crossed the road. This inspired me to write this piece.

I wrote this out quickly. I played: Secrets by Dallas String Quartet, in the background.
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