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a girl dies, goes to Heaven and sees her father after many years.

lines: 40

Heaven’s Home
By Lisa Noe*Cat2*

I heard the trumpets blow
I felt that I must go
The pain had left me
I felt free as if I could finally see

Silver shadows slithered around
I knew that I had left the ground
What on earth could this be
I felt as if many eyes stared at me

Then a man in a white robe
Took my hand and stroked my lobe
You are safe you’ll see no harm
Then he took me by the arm

Come with me I’ll get your dress
Forget your earth and all that mess
From a tunnel we emerged
For me to follow, that he urged

Where am I said with a fright
I was in darkness now it’s light
You’re in Heaven, you’ve passed away
Now it is here that you must stay

I heard a voice call my name
I looked around and there he came
A man of innocence and light
For me to see a pure delight

Jesus I said and he smiled at me
You’ve nothing to fear because you now see
I brought you here since you’re filled with love
I see your soul is like the little dove

Now it’s time to see your dad
I know for years that you’ve been sad
Because we took him for our own
He helped to fill Heaven’s home.

223 words
40 lines
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