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by Swetha
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The Blog is about a mom's musings.
My conversations with my Preschooler:

Me: A,what did you do at school today?
A: I played cricket.
Me: After cricket, what else did you do?
A: I went on the rocket to the moon, saw an idli flying in space. Did you throw it,amma?
Me: After the rocket adventure, did you return to school?
A: No, Dinku and I went to Mars to check if water came.
Me: After all the space adventure you must have finally returned, can you tell me what you did in school after that?
A: Yes, I saw my teacher screaming and went to see what happened. Saw a crocodile behind the door.
Me: Phew! Did you open the book at all?
A: No, when I went to the open the book, a dragon came and gobbled up my book. I went inside its mouth and got the book back. And you know what happened to my book,amma (with a glint in his eye)...
Me: (thinking I will finally get something out), yes baby, what was inside the book?
A: It was all wet because it was inside the dragon's mouth and I couldn't read anything.
Me: *RollEyes*
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