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High school is not perfect, and you'll come to find, neither are the boys in school.
As a child, I always wondered why my parents said I could not have a boyfriend until I was eighteen. They also said i was not allowed to like a boy, and at age fifteen, they still say the same thing. I thought this rule was outrageous, unfair; I felt that i did not have any control of my feelings or my heart. Although, I understand it now.

Until I was eleven, I watched high school based movies on Disney Channel, in replace of doing my homework. I was, of course, gullible to the image they portrayed, putting the idea of an unrealistic high school experience in my head. I dreamed of playing a varsity sport, having groups of friends, getting asked to the dances, meeting a nice boy. I wanted to be able to tell my parents how my day actually went. I thought high school would be perfect, the peak of life, an unforgettable experience.

I was, however, right about one thing; high school is an unforgettable experience. I am only a sophomore and I have come face to face with A.P. classes, late night studying, trying to avoid isolation, social media addictions, lustful temptations. All of these things can be affected by one thing; a boy. A boy will distract you from priorities. This does not have to be a boyfriend, but any boy who has more than friendly intentions.

If unable to prioritize yourself, the following will take place: you will be pulled away from working on homework when they want to text you all day; studying will begin to become less of an option when they call you on the phone and talk to you all night; you will metaphorically be forced to give him your attention at school, when you may have other house keeping to do; you will be drawn to his social media page, lurking for other girls in his life, or just simply looking through his photos; and lastly, you will be tempted by lustful means, questioning your behavior, asking yourself whether you should put out or not, wondering what he'll think of your choice in that situation.

I wish I would have listened to my parents.
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