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A problem that hit too close to home - a family member's poor investment - a prose poem.
One's health often equates to wealth -
Or the most handsome opportunity:
The sky's the limit!
An outcome of pure joy and reason,
And a journey of hope, prosperity, and gains
For the prospective and eager investor.
But what happens to a purchaser of land
When its development is hindered or unavailable,
No option exists but to sell,
And a buyer cannot be found?
All of this inspiration and decisive management
Become grief and sorrow,
And the investor learns a very valuable
And forthright lesson -
That the sale of land unquestionably
Raises issues about the selfishly aware intent of prior owners
And their requisite and many times broken promises
Of advantageous wealth
Handed down to the property's
New title or lien holders. 

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