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I fell in love with my straight best friend. It hurts, but this is for her. I love you.

Its 12:49am, you're on my mind,
Your lips, smile, hair, just all of you.
I looked for love in a man I couldn't find,
Its just funny, I see it every time I look at you.
I walked for days on a drunken binge, looking tired,
But you were there, just being, beautiful you.
Since I remember it's only been you I've desired,
The way you walk, how you talk, its just you.

But you just went and stole my heart, my all,
Every spare thought and penny was spent on you.
I didn't have to say it, because you already knew,
But I said it, aloud, so free and proud "I love you".
Alas, you fell in his arms, so fooled by his charms,
But that's just the end for we, me and you.

So I kept on the straight, writing my fate,
And who came walking by?

It was you.

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