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by Rhyssa
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feeling a disconnection
I was a child when she first touched me,
flooding my being
with the first pains of womanhood,
and with her changing faces,
I grew to know myself,
counting the days and hours
of her ancient pull
until she visited again.

but one night
while shadows eclipsed her face,
I lost her.
the tides that she warded
evaporated, and I felt me
turn to crystal,
hardened to a sugared network
from eye to toe.

what am I now?
my heart beats sweetly now,
for all pretense that it makes
to stain my fingers red,
with water drawn out of me,
what is left for her to guide me
with her silver horned crown?

and yet—
I still find connection.
the syrup in my veins
seeks her tides,
rolling with an ebb and flow
that yearns for her—
waxing gibbous in a sea of starlight.

line count: 30

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