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A tragedy about a child who never had a chance.
Stan works the factory all day,
for his wife and his kid and so little pay,
he hates what he does,
so when he gets home he gets more than a little buzzed.

He drinks and drinks until he no longer thinks,
his wife always makes things look neat,
even when its her kid being beat,
because those outside looking in,
matter more than her kin.

Ted Emend is his child,
he was always quite mild,
trying to keep it all inside,
until the day he died.

Ted grew to shed,
the baggage of his past,
but it didn't seem to last,
he found himself trapped.

He was in a marriage that was going nowhere,
with a job that was doing the same,
he realized that his life was all too lame,
so he'd come home from his mundane job,
and smack around his kid rob.

Then he was stricken,
and thought himself a chicken,
when he realized the circles come back around,
so Ted's feet hit the ground.

A tear in his eye,
ready to say goodbye,
he put the gun to his head,
and it all turned red.

Though he wasn't in heaven ,
He counted to eleven,
Only to hear a bell,
and find that he was in Hell.
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