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Lexus opens her mouth and the rumors spread. Enter Eric, the competition.
         Lexus sighed loudly as she walked to school. She was so tired since she been having the same dream of Vincent the whole weekend. She wasn't all too excited about school at the moment because she had a feeling that Vincent was going to keep his eyes on her. 'I don't blame him. He hardly knows me. I wonder what he might do if I did tell someone.' she thought then rubbed her neck while shaking her head to clear her mind.

         Once she got to school and walked in, she walked over to her locker and opens it while paying no one any attention. As she took off her backpack, something taps her shoulder causing her to jump. She quickly turns around and saw that it was Vincent that had tap her.

"Sorry if I scared you, Lexus." he said as he lean on the locker next to hers. "No, it's ok." she said as she put some of her books into her locker. She looked around when she heard the other students whispering and gossiping. She blushed and looked at Vincent who was just watching her which made her blush more. Lexus kept looking at Vincent, but quickly turned away when her dream pop into her mind. Vincent notice how quickly she looked away and became curious. "What's wrong, Lexus?" he asked as he watched her expression.

"Nothing," she lied as she closed her locker. Vincent narrows his eyes when he heard the lie. "You're lying," he moved closer to her. She looked at him as she placed her backpack on her shoulder. "Your secret gave me an odd dream." she confessed as she looked around.

         His eyes widen then he looked around quickly before looking back at Lexus. She look down, but tense up when she felt him move closer to her and whisper in her ear. "I would like to know your dream, but this isn't the place to talk about it." She nodded as she blushes brightly. "Wait for me after school, okay." he said before walking off.

         She stood frozen in her spot still blushing madly. "Lexus!" her friend Carrie yelled as she rushes to her side. "Lexus, since when have you and Vincent Rivers became friends?" Carrie said as she put her hands on her hips. Lexus didn't say anything as she was still daze about Vincent words. "Hello! Anybody home?" Carrie shouted at Lexus as she snaps her fingers in Lexus's face. She finally snapped out of her daze and looked at Carrie. "Huh?" She asked not knowing what she was talking about. "Vincent? Why was he talking to you?"Carrie asked.

"Oh...well...him and I are...going out now." She lied as she walked towards her first period.

"WHAT!" Carrie shouted as she followed Lexus to class. The other students that surrounded the hall looked at both Lexus and Carrie. "How did.... when did this happen?" Carrie asked confused.

"It happen this weekend." Lexus answered as she walked into their first period. She sat down at her desk while Carrie sat in her desk that was right next to hers.

"You do know that Eric going to be very angry with this kind of news, right." Carrie said as she took out her homework.

"That's why you need to keep this to yourself, Carrie." Lexus said as she narrow her eyes at Carrie. Carrie held her hands up in defeat which made Lexus sigh in relief. 'After school I got to tell Vincent that we are going out. Gosh...why did I say that?' Lexus asked herself as she groans while taking out her homework.

         When her first period ended, Lexus walked over to her locker and took out some work for her next class. Out of nowhere, a strong arm wrap around her waist and it made her jump. She knew it couldn't be Vincent because he wasn't this bold... was he?

"Hello, my love." said a husky male voice. 'Yup, Vincent isn't this bold, but why did it have to be this guy?' she asked herself as she closed her locker. She turned around and looked at the skinny, but masculine, light skin, brown headed guy in front of her.

"Hello, Eric." she groaned out as she tried to get out of his hold. Eric grins and tightens his hold. "How was your weekend? Did you miss me, love?" he smiled as he slowly pinned her against the lockers.

"Let me go, Eric. I need to get to class." she ordered as she struggle against him. He chuckled at her pleds. Soon, he was push into the locker across the hall with a lot of force. He groaned before looking up at Vincent annoyed appearance that stood in front of Lexus shock form.

"She said to release her. Next time you better do what she says. Better yet don't touch her again." Vincent said angrily at Eric who glared at him. Lexus stood in shock when she saw Vincent protecting her from Eric. She slowly put her hand on Vincent's arm which caused him to look at her.

"It's okay, Vincent. He not worth you threatening him. Would you mind walking me to my next class?" she asked shyly with a light blush on her cheeks. Vincent nodded as he turn his back to Eric. Eric glared at Vincent as he watched him near his Lexus while they walked down the hall together.

Carrie walked up to Eric, "Are you okay, Eric?"

"Just peaches and cream. Who the fuck does he think he is walking with my girl!?" he said angrily as he kept watching their disappearing forms.

"Lexus might hate me for saying this, but those two are going out, Eric." Carrie said shamelessly.

"WHAT! Oh! Hell no! He is going to pay for being with what's mine." he growled out as he punched the lockers then walking away in anger. "Watch your back, Vincent Rivers. I'm going to make you dread the day for dating my girl." he said under his breath as his eyes flashed yellow.
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