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Lexus now knows Vincent secret. Sleep is not going to happen.
         Vincent walked her to her house and as she was about to head inside, he grabs her hand which she looked at him quickly. "Remember.... don't tell anyone, Lexus." he said to her which she just nodded. Vincent released her hand and watch her enter the house.

         Lexus sighed as she took off her sandals and walked towards the kitchen where she’s hoping her mother was right now. Once she walked into the kitchen, her mother tackles her and hugged her tightly. "Lexus! You're alive and safe. I was so scared that you got kidnap like the other girls." her mother cried out.

Lexus sighed as she patted her mom's back to comfort her. "I'm fine, mother. I brought you the herbs that you wanted." she said with a smile towards her mother.

"Thank you, honey. Are you hungry?" her mother asked, but she shook her head no.

"No, thank you. I'm just going to go to bed now." she said as she headed upstairs to her room. Lexus changed into her pjs and hop into bed. She laid on her back, so she can look up at her purple ceiling and think about the day's events. Talking to Vincent Rivers, buying herbs, getting chased by a vampire, being saved by Vincent, and finding out Vincent is a vampire. 'Oh yeah, what a nice day it was today.' Lexus laughed to herself as she got comfortable and fell to sleep.


         Lexus was sitting in the center of a beautiful king size bed. It's comforter was black with a red design of a dragon. The canopy around the bed was a dark red shade. The bed's frame looked like it was made by a dark cherry wood. She looked around in awe and amazement. The room that held this bed was huge and gorgeous. The walls of the room were black with silver lining. The room was lit by dozens of white and red candle since there was no lamps or ceiling fan. She looked around and saw matching dark cherry wood dressers, doors, and night stands.

"I love this room." she said to herself. "Thank you." said an unknown, but familiar voice. She looked towards a dark corner where the voice came from. She saw a pair of glowing red eyes. She gasps in fear as she moved to the headboard of the bed.

"Don't fear me, Lexus." The dark figure said as it move through the shadows. "I'm glad you love my room." Vincent said as he finally stepped out of the shadows. He walked up to his bed and smile to her calmly. She blushed and nodded, "I wish it was my room." she smiled back a bit nervously at him.

"It can be your room too, if you stay with me forever." Vincent said as he looks into her eyes with need. Lexus stared back at him with a light blush on her cheeks. "I feel like I'm in Twilight." she giggled as Vincent chuckle softly. "Edward has nothing on me. At least I get to sleep and walk into the broad daylight without glittering." Vincent said as he chuckled more. Lexus giggled more also then cleared her throat. "What do you mean forever, Vincent?" she asked as she looked into his red eyes with curiosity. Vincent crawled onto the bed and up to her face. She blushed brightly when he came close to her. He pushed her down onto her back which she didn't argue or said anything, but kept looking into his eyes. He was on top of her and smiling softly down to her. He softly kissed her lips which she gasp and fully accepted as she kissed him back. He broke their kiss and licked his lips to savor her unique taste. Lexus blushed more, but at the same time she wanted more of him.

"I want to turn you into a vampire and make you my eternal soul mate." Vincent said softly as he looks into her beautiful violet eyes. Lexus didn't know what to say, but out of nowhere she said, "I would love to be with you forever, my love."

'I must be dreaming because I barely know Vincent to say that, right?' she question herself as she felt her body move on its own. She cupped his cheeks lightly as he smiled and kissed her again. 'Man, if he really kisses like this I wouldn't mind saying yes either.' she thought to herself again. She felt her body heating up when they deepen their kiss.

         She felt his tongue asking for entrance as it licked her bottom lip. She slightly open her mouth to welcome the tongue battle between his and hers. She moaned softly against his lips as he pressed his body closer to hers. She licked his fangs lightly which caused him to growl softly in pleasure. He broke their kiss again to give her much needed air which she gladly accepted. He slowly kissed his way down to her neck. 'I must stop him. I don't want to be a vampire.' she thought to herself as she still tried to catch her breath. She felt him lick her neck and softly suck it which caused her to moan. She then felt his fangs lightly glide over her neck. 'No! Don't, Vincent.' she screamed to herself when she felt his mouth stop at one spot on her neck. Vincent head rose a bit and Lexus looked at him. Her eyes widen when she saw his eyes glow piercing red and his fangs grew longer than their usual size. She screamed as he sunk his fangs into her neck.

*End of dream*

         Lexus screamed awake as she quickly sat up and touch her neck. Her mother rush in with fear in her eyes. "Lexus! What's wrong?" her mother asked as she sat next to Lexus. Lexus took a deep breath before calming down and looking at her mother. "Just a bad dream, mom. I'm fine now." she told her mother with a small smile. Her mother nodded then kissed her forehead before walking out of the room. Lexus sighed, "Damn, Vincent. I hope you are a damn good kisser in real life." she said as she laughed to herself before going back to sleep.
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