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a brief trial run at motivational writing
Why do we look down at self or others, why is the depression, why do we die all other these questions cant be solved easily and the answer is different for everyone. as we push on in life and we get the information needed to find out "why".
Like I once told my friend "don't let you dreams be impossible they are sometimes but doesn’t mean you cant try if there no path to follow crave you own from your dreams for the future and lay your past down to pave the way for others and when all hope is lost reach deep inside and release hope itself and use the last bit to fuel passion & will and fight hard hope will never truly abandon you " its the power of hope that show us "why".
Every day is new a adventure that nobody knows for sure what is a day going to bring till we are in the moment, we don't truly know anything for sure. One day as you are looking down realise that there is a lot to look up to and its the little things in each moment that makes life unique but isn’t easy and you got to just take as it comes just like a stack each block of life carefully liker in a game of Tetris because how you deal with these blocks early on saves you time and stress later on.
"why" a question we all seem to ask our self its comes deep with in you the need to know why something happen. The easy answer it can not be helped its out of our control but that isn't good enough. how I try to work out "why" look at everything that leads up to the question because at this point you don't really have much of a question it's too general. You need to break it down from there pick up the important stuff, there no right or wrong what every important to you then add the bits the don't make any sense to your question now it's starting to look like a question that has a answer there is never a simple answer.
Never giving don't quit if you real belief in something

I did this as a trial run. if you want more like this say but I'm going to keep going through ways of writing i know this is great and i could add to it I have plenty more to say
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