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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Supernatural · #2059776
Lexus losing her cool because of Vincent's absence. Eric offers and reveals true nature.
         Lexus walked into school looking like a real life zombie because she had bags under her eyes, her hair in a mess, and her clothes were sloppy. Everybody looked at her in fear that she might be a real zombie after all.

"VINCENT! Where are you?!" Lexus yelled throughout the halls as she searched for him.
She searched throughout the whole school and didn't find him. "If he not here then that means... No!" she told herself before heading out of the school, but stop when her first period teacher block her way.

"Going somewhere, Ms. Myers?" her teacher asked as he crossed his arms.

"Um...no. I was just going to the restroom." she smiled innocently to her teacher.

"Get in class, Ms. Myers." her teacher ordered and she nodded in defeat as she entered his class. She sat down at her seat and sighed sadly.

Carrie looked at her, "Are you okay, Lexus?"

She shook her head no, "I'm worry about Vincent. He didn't come to school today."

Carrie looked at her confused, "Maybe he just at a doctor’s appointment today. What's there to worry about?"

She bit her lip as she wanted to tell Carrie the true reason, but she knew Carrie couldn't keep secrets. "I'm just worry he might not make it to our date tonight." She lied to Carrie who just giggles.

"You really fell for him, huh?"Carrie said as she nodded. Everybody in class became quiet as the teacher started class.

At lunch, Lexus was sitting at a table by herself hoping that Vincent would pop up and sit next to her. "Hey." A voice came behind her which made her jump a bit. She turned and saw it was Eric with his lunch in his hand. "hey..." She replies back.

"May I join you?" Eric asked which made her surprise. She nodded and Eric sat down next to her in silence. "Sorry about yesterday, Lexus. I was just upset that you were already taken even if I have been trying to get you for years now." He explains as he looks at her sadly.

"You don't have to explain, Eric." She said still surprise of his change of attitude towards her. 'Why is he being so nice to me?' she asked herself as she looked at him.

"So where is your boyfriend?" He asked with a bitter voice.

"He is out today." She said sadly.

"If you were my girl, I would come to school every day to see your beautiful face." He said as he looks at her.

Lexus blushed as she looked down at her lunch. "Thank you, but he just out today for a doctor’s appointment." she said after she cleared her throat. He smiled as he ate his lunch.

"After school, can you...I mean would you like going to get a cup of coffee with me?" He asked before taking both of their empty trays and throwing them away."

"I don't know, Eric." She said as she stood up.

"Please, I would like to be friends since you're already taken." He begged as he smiled to her kindly.

Lexus sighed as she nodded. "Okay, but only a cup of coffee." She said as she started walking to class.

"Thank you, Lexus." Eric called out to her then started walking the other way. He smiled evilly as he entered the boy's restroom. He looked into the mirror after he made sure he was all alone in the restroom. "Get the job done?" He whispered as he looked into the mirror as he washes his hands.

"No." a deep male voice answered him.

"Why not?!" He asked angrily into the mirror.

"He had help from an older vampire." The deep voice answered again.

"Next time finish the job." He growled as he dried his hands.

"Yes, sir." The deep voice reply before Eric left the restroom with anger rating off him.
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