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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Supernatural · #2059781
Eric and Lexus have a small talk then Eric plans something wicked in his favor.
         Lexus sat in a booth with a cup of coffee in her hand as Eric sat in front of her. She took a sip of her coffee as did Eric with his cup of coffee. They were at a local diner in their town.

"May I ask why you agreed to going out with Vincent, Lexus?" He asked to break the silence between them. She looked at him while trying to think of a reason why she told Carrie about dating Vincent.

"Well...he is very protective and mysterious. He also kind to me, so you can say that's what attracted me to him. I don't know what he saw in me to ask me out, but I was glad to say yes." She said with a smile.

         Eric looked at her then looked away with an emotionless expression on his face. "If you and Vincent don't last long, would you ever consider going out with me?" He asked as he looked back towards her. She looked away and thought about his question. "I don't know. You have been nice to me lately which I like, but I don't see us together, Eric." She answered him before taking sip of her coffee.

         He gripped his cup of coffee tightly as his eyes narrow. "Excuse me, please. I need to go to the restroom." He told her as he got out of the booth and head to the men's restroom. When he walked in, he made sure he was alone before he locked the door and growled out loud.

"I got an extra job for you till that blood sucker shows his face again." He growled out as he looks into the mirror. "I need you to attack the girl, but not hurt her. If she needs protection then I'll protect her."

"What if the blood sucker shows up before you?" the same deep male voice from before asked.

"He won't since you showed me what you had done to him last night. He still healing as we speak. I'll be the only one there to protect her." he grins.

"Yes, sir." The deep voice replied.

"Dante, make sure she screams. I want her blood sucker to hear her in despair and afraid for her life." He ordered as he washed his hands then walked back to a waiting Lexus.

She looked at him as he sat back down. "I should be going, Eric. It's almost sundown and I don't want mom thinking too much." She said as she rubbed the back of her head. Her mother thoughts were just plain weird.

He nodded as he paid the check then both of them walked out of the diner. "It was nice talking to you, Lexus. I hope we can do it again some other time." Eric said as he smiled to her.

She nodded her head as she walked away. He watched her turned a corner and grin evilly. "Now, Dante." He ordered as he slowly followed after her.

         Lexus walked down an alley that was a short cut to her house. A howl broke through the silence of the evening. She jumped in fright as she recognizes the howl. She looked around to find the source of the howl. A tall grayish white wolf jump in front of her growling deadly.

         She looked at the wolf in fear. "I'm guessing you're the werewolf." She whisper softly to the werewolf who just keeps growling towards her. She slowly started backing away from the wolf which caused it to take steps towards her. 'What should I do? Should I call for Vincent? Or should I just run for it?' she asked herself as she tried to keep calm. The werewolf moved closer to her while still growling and now snapping at her.

         Eric hid behind a building and watched what was going on. 'Come on, Lexus. Scream for help, so I can help you.' he thought as he waited for his chance. Lexus kept backing away till she backs herself against a wall. 'Oh no...okay now I should scream my lungs out.' She thought as she looked at the wolf in fear. She was about to scream for help till a dark figure appeared in front of her and protected her from the wolf. 'Vincent?' she thought as she tried to get a really good look at the figure's face, but had no luck. The figure hissed at the wolf which caused it to back away. In a quick flash, the figure had stab the wolf in the heart with a silver dagger. The wolf whimpers in pain before falling to the ground dead. The figure cleaned its dagger with a cloth slowly.

Lexus walked towards the figure slowly, "Vincent?"

The figure smiled and shook its head no. "Sorry, my child. I am not my son." The figure said in a feminine tone as it looked at her with its red eyes.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2059781