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Thursday, Oct. 1: Premise/Idea
Identify the following:
(1) Protagonist(s). Who is(are) your main character(s)?

         a. FMC - Samantha Balfour, 22. Real Estate Secretary, Vampyre hunter
         b. MMC - Kameron Sage, 22. Bail Bondsman, Vampyre hunter, Life-long friend of FMC
         c. Spotlight Character (SC) - Zachary Devlin, age undisclosed. Nightclub owner, Vampyre.

(2) Goal(s). What do they want?
         a. FMC/MMC - Order. They police the goings-on of vampyre kind in their territory, and are afraid to murder any vampyre that chooses to under-mind their rule.
         b. SC- Peace. He's tired of seeing harm come to his vampyres. he only wants a happy medium, enough to work with the hunters to achieve that goal.

(3) Conflict. What is keeping them from their goal?
         a. Parties originally unknown are seeking to reveal the existence of vamypres, of all supernaturals to humankind. They feared the rule of an ancient power that          no one has seen in centuries, and now they are finally shaking that fear. They want to be known.

(4) Antagonist(s). Who(what) is creating the conflict?
         a. What: Vampyres are falling quickly in FMC's territory. She, along with MMC and SC have to work quickly to clean up the mess being left behind.
         b. Who: European Vampyre Eric Kovach. Crazed by isolation, he's leading the charge against the hunters, hellbent on bringing vampyres out of the darkness.
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