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Required Assignment 2 for NaNo Prep

Full Name: Gwen Mane Herder

Meaning of Name: Named after her paternal grandmother who is diseased

Nickname: Dubbed Kit by a family friend

Birth Date: Scorpius 3, 58

Astrological Sign and Details: Scorpius

Birth Place: The palace in the Kingdom of Trellion

Age: 15

Race: Human

Hair Color: Strawberry-blonde

Hair Style: Braided in a long thick braid, which hangs to her waist. A pink silk ribbon is entwined in the braid to signify her eligibility for courtship and marriage.

Shape and Features of Face: Round face with expressive eyes, a small nose, and soft mouth.

Eye Color: Green

Skin Tone: Light tan

Build or Body Type: Small; Slender; curvy

Height: 4'8"

Weight: 100lbs

Speech Patterns: Elegant and refined

Gestures: Soft and elegant

Weakness: Wanting to please

Special Abilities or Powers: Able to manipulate all five elements without the use of a Mage's Staff. Has an empathic connection with animals.

Family and Childhood

Mother: Morgan Terrashaper

Father: Alistair Maneherder

Mother's Occupation: Royal Magus of Trellion Palace

Father's Occupation: Master of Arms and Horses of Trellion Palace

Family Finances: Morgan and Alistair live in the palace and are paid a sum of gold each Solar Period. They are also provided the necessary attire to attend royal events by the Hallowfang family.

Best Friend: Matrim Hallowfang Prince of Trellion

Other Friends: Taurus Longhorn, Cortan and Biarric Stonemason

Pets: A black stallion named Tempest

Home Life During Childhood: Gwen is raised in Trellion Palace. She becomes close friends with the Crowned Prince Matrim Hallowfang. During the warm season her parents take her and Matrim to the Elemental Coast on a survival vacation. King Jarrod, Matrim's father, treats Gwen like the daughter he never had, and tends to spoil her with certain fineries she would not have otherwise. Morgan and Alistair try to keep Gwen's feet on the ground by reminding her she is in fact the daughter of the Royal Magus aand the Master of Arms and Horses not of the King. In spite of their efforts Gwen becomes infatuated with Prince Matrim, and he returns her infatuation.

Town or City Name: Trellion

Details of Town(s) or City(s): Trellion is the main city of the Kingdom of Trellion. It spreads beyond the walls of the palace and is the center of trade in Trellion. Beyond it are small unnamed villages and farms, which fall under Trellion law and protection.

What Did His or Her Bedroom Look Like: Gwen's bedroom was the smaller room off the right of the Royal Magus's sitting room. This room was typically used by the Royal Magus's apprentice, but Morgan had it converted into a nursery when she discovered she was pregnant. As Gwen grew the nursery became a bed chamber fit for a princess.

A large wooden four-poster bed sits in the center of a thick green carpet in the center of the room. Thick green curtains hang from the wooden canopy, and soft green linen bedding covers the feather mattress and pillows. A floor length window on the south wall keeps the rom bathed in sunlight during the day. Behind the bed sits Gwen's wardrobe and privacy screen for dressing and bathing. Along the east wall sits a small chest of drawers which contains a modest amount of jewelry she has received as gifts. The west wall is covered with wooden shelves which contain various magical tombs and books on non-magical subjects.

Favorite Toy or Game: Tag and Hide-and-seek

Schooling: Attended lessons on various subjects with Matrim in the palace library, and learned magic from her mother. Her father taught her to ride a horse and fight with a quarter staff. Matrim taught her to fight with a sword in secret.

Favorite Subject: Magic

Popular or Loner: Popular

Important Experiences or Events:

First Anniversary of her birth; Evelynn Stormsong, the Grand Enchantress of
the Trellion Tower of Magi, tests her for magical aptitude. Gwen turns out to be an Arch Mage, a mage who can manipulate and create all five elements without the use of a Mage's staff.

Tenth Anniversary of Matrim's birth; Gwen's animal empathy is revealed when she calms a wayward stallion meant for Matrim. She is given the horse when it is discovered he will not cooperate for anyone except her.

Twelfth Anniversary of her birth; Morgan entwines the pink silk ribbon in her hair, which deems her eligible for courtship and marriage.

Thirteenth Anniversary of her birth; gives her innocence to Prince Matrim

Fourteenth Anniversary of her birth: Leaves Trellion Palace to spend a year at the Elemental Coast using only her magic and survival skills to live on her own for a year.

Fifteenth Anniversary of her birth: Returns to Trellion Palace officially a Mage.

Shortly after her return she discovers she is carrying Matrim's child. Her parents conspire with Evelynn Stormsong to transfer Gwen to the Trellion Tower of Magi before it becomes known she is with child.

The sixteenth anniversary of Matrim's birth; Demona Blackreaver, the mother of Matrim's betrothed catches him and Gwen in an intimate embrace and traps them in a life draining vortex. As the vortex does its work she curses them to be reborn in the same lifetime every hundred years. They will know each other as close friends but if they try to become more one will die; she intends to ensure Gwen will be the one to die.

Religion and beliefs: Believes in the Great Spirit of Creation and the five elements of life it uses to create and destroy.

Your Character's Character

Bad Habits: Endangering herself to push her limits

Good Habits: Tidy; well organized; always prepared

Best Characteristic: Intelligent; friendly; trustworthy

Worst Characteristic: Mischievous; Defiant; Naive

Worst Memory: Being kidnapped by a merman during the warm season of her tenth Solar cycle.

Best Memory: Successfully conjuring an element for the first time

Proud of: Her progress as a Mage.

Embarrassed by: Not being able to master water as easily as she has all of the other elements.

Strong Points: Courageous; Honest; Loyal

Temperament: Friendly unless she is angry, then she is a force to be reckoned with.

Attitude: Free Spirit

Weakness: Her desire to be with Matrim

Fears: Being confined; being alone; being too deep in the water

Secrets: Being able to manipulate and conjure all five elements without the use of a Mage's staff. Carrying the unborn love-child of the Crowned Prince.

Regrets: Breaking Taurus's heart by not returning his feelings for her.

Feels Vulnerable When: She is cooped up and alone

Pet Peeves: People's prejudice toward the citizens of Bastion.

Conflicts: She desires to be with Matrim but the law forbids her to be Queen because she is a Mage. Her hopes sink when she finds out about his betrothal to Lady Brianne Starmane. After she discover she is carrying Matrim's child she is forced to leave everything she knows to protect her unborn child.

Motivation: Happiness

Short Term Goals and Hopes: Learn to master all five elements

Long Term Goals and Hopes: Becoming Trellion's next Royal Magus and to find a way to be with Matrim.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Exercise Routine: Working through the quarter staff forms her father taught her and the sword forms Matrim taught her. Riding Tempest for miles every day.

Day or Night Person: Day

Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert

Optimist or Pessimist: Optimist

Likes and Styles

Music: Royal Bards and Tavern Singers

Books: Magic Tombs and Romances

Foods: Sweet foods

Drinks: Sweet fruit wines and juices

Animals: All

Color: Green

Clothing: Britches and dresses with divided skirts for riding

Jewelry: Necklaces

Games: Tag and Hide-and-Seek

Greatest Want: Love of a man, preferably Matrim

Greatest Need: Control of her power

Where and How Does Your Character Live Now

Home: Trellion Palace

Household furnishings: See above under Bedroom description

Favorite Possession: Though she does not need it she still values the staff her mother commissioned to be made for her by mages in the Tower of Magi.

Most Cherished Possession: A braided leather cord threaded through a shell; given to her by Taurus at the end of their first warm season together. A gold necklace with an emerald tear drop dangling from it; given to her by Matrim as a belated fourteenth anniversary of her birth gift.

Married Before: No

Significant Other Before: No

Children: One on the way

Relationship with Family: Close

Dream Career: Royal Magus

Dream Life: A safe and happy life for her and her unborn child

Love Life: Loves Matrim but also has feelings for Taurus

Sexual Turn Ons: Soft tender kisses and gentle hands

Sexual Turn Offs: Rough forceful advances

Hobbies: Reading; Horseback riding; Singing

Guilty Pleasure: Intimate moments shared with Matrim

Talents or Skills: Able to manipulate and conjure all five elements of life; use of a quarter staff; use of a sword

Greatest Strength: Magical Aptitude

Greatest Weakness: Pushing her limits too far
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