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I got a little heated when I was giving my opinion of school. I went on a bit of a rant.
School is an institution many inherently dislike for a variety of reasons. Some might not like their peers, others may have a problem with the teachers or just the idea of school. Personally I resent school and those who make me go to it.

To start off, the pre-planned way of teaching to the test is incomprehensible considering each person as an individual would learn differently. Some reject this idea and don't try as hard (me) others will completely burn themselves out trying to get an A on the test and copying the homework of those who this way of learning was tethered to and they'll get in the honors classes and they'll get good grades. For what? College, they will do good in school to be able to go to another school and from there (if you can even afford it) you'll go through mountains of work and papers to be eligible for a job you may or may not get someday. So congratu-fucking-lations.

But what else does school teach you? How to be social? I'm a socially awkward fuck after enduring and continuing to endure 12 years of school, so you failed me there.(and many others like me) How to solve different issues that may present themselves? (managing your locker, dealing with those you don't like, etc.) To give them some credit, sure school does this but only because school is apart of life, I'd still learn that on my own without school being necessary.

So what does school do? It creates drones preparing them for their drone-life. It gets us to obey our masters without question, they say "Take those earbuds out." and we'll do it. "Spit that gum out." "The length of your shorts makes me uncomfortable." . And then the second we do say something it's "Don't talk back to me, that's disrespectful!" That's a warning, if you persist it's detention. Granted it's not always the teachers--they're like cops--they just have to do what they're told. So I don't blame them, I blame the board of education. The one's who make the school rules. They don't deal with us, they probably don't even give a shit about us as people, but they'll flip their shit if they see us with earbuds in--the greatest offence. Because it's "disrespectful". Which is a complete bullshit argument because isn't respect subjective? And why do I have to respect you anyway? Shouldn't respect be earned not just given to any random fuck? If I see you do some respectful things, I will respect you, but otherwise why should I? And if we do just respect everyone regardless of who they are as a person, does respect even carry any weight?

So I'm not a fan of school in it's current state. But maybe it'll get better? At least that's what's always said. Maybe it's true for some, but not everyone. Maybe school will never be reformed, maybe the government never will either, if so I don't expect this whole America thing to last very long, because people will eventually stop paying attention to the smoke and see the man behind the mirror. And we'll move onto the next society that ignores the history of other civilizations and what they did wrong and they too will fall.
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