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by brom21
Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2060439
A lonely king is visited by a stranger with a message of hope.
Rays of sunlight poured out of patches of thick dark clouds above the castle of Vyran. It stood like a watch tower on a rocky bluff overlooking the tempestuous seas as they congealed, wave after wave of gray waters that plunged on top of the shoreline. Within the keep of the immense structure lived a single soul, a man who sat in a large throne room. He rested on his seat as king with no subjects or nobility. He existed as ruler in the cold darkness. He was old and he wore a kingly robe. He had a wrinkled face and white pointy beard spoke of his destitution and lonely trance. In his castle, where the dark clouds continually ruled and diminished the sun, he longed for something more; to be free and liberated from the curse from a wizard that kept him. He tried to escape but in vain, when fear overcame his heart with each attempt. But one murky evening something would change.

On a whim, the king decided to admire the melancholy beauty of the clouds mixed with holes of light seen from the main balcony. He sluggishly rose from his chair and walked down the steps and across the long red carpet and into the broad main hall. He walked to the entrance leading up to the highest tower in the castle. As he approached the balcony floor, he stepped to the stone boarder of the balcony and put his hands on the smooth, cold stone of the boarder. He looked up and sighed lightly. Then the king looked down to his right and saw something move on the flat stony surface that led to the bluff edge.

“Who is that?” he said.

As the figure neared, he saw a person in a brown cloak on a brown horse.

“What could he want, what does this mean? How could anyone find this bleak place?”

The lonely king stared at the spectacle before he dashed down the stairs. When he reached the bottom he rushed to the entrance gate with his robe flowing in the air. His face lit up and he breathed heavily in anticipation. He halted at the entrance and waited for the person to meet him. At a distance he made out a cross hung around the stranger’s neck who wore covering hood.

“Hello! Hello there!” the king yelled.

The individual did not respond but kept riding slowly to the keep.

The king waited eagerly in a silent trance. Ten exasperatingly slow minutes went by until he was met be the person who stopped put up a hand in greeting to the king.

“I don’t know who you are but you are most welcomed sir!”

Then the person uncovered the hood and the king was surprised. He beheld a milky white skinned woman with sea blue eyes and long sparkling blond hair. She spoke with a gentle, soothing tone. “Hello, King Galleth. My name is Sytha.”

He was mystified and speechless. What did she want? Where did she come from and most puzzling how did she know his name?

“You must have questions. But first allow me to take shelter in your castle.”

“Of course, please come in.”

Sytha entered in with her horse and then dismounted. “Do you have a hearth to be warmed by?”

“Certainly, this way.”

He led her to one of the royal chambers where a long fireplace was set with small tree branches laid along it.

“Please sit,” the happy man offered Sytha as he motioned to a chair. She sat and Galleth took a chair next to hers.

“Don’t sit too long, you may get a cramp“ he said with glistening eyes full of curiosity. “Who are you?”

“I am priestess of the Great Word.” She paused. “I have been sent on a quest to find you.”

King Galleth frowned and shook his head slightly. “I don’t understand.”

“I have been sent by the Mighty Hand to free you lonesome king.”

Galleth’s heart raced and he swallowed. Numerous emotions of elation and wonder filled his mind. The mere thought of liberation, after centuries of being cursed by an evil wizard, was like the light of a rising sun that brought tears to his eyes.



“But how?” asked King Galleth.

Sytha took out a small, black book from her cloak. “This book holds the key to your freedom.”

“What is it?”

“It is the sole text to all true knowledge and wisdom. Within its pages, is the ultimate freeing power.”

“Amazing. My I see it?”

“The book is only understandable to those who have been enlightened by the Spirit that inspired its words.”

“Please what must I do?!”

“You must give your trust and your very soul to the One who lives forever.”

“How do I do that?”

“I will speak, and if you truly believe me, the curse will be broken.”

“I do not know. It seems so simple. The wizard who cursed me was very powerful.”

“Forgot that and just believe.”

Galleth was doubtful. But he heard a small voice in his soul that beckoned to him and gave him a sense of hope. He felt compelled.

“Go on.”

Sytha looked at him intently and spoke. “Long ago the Great One made the earth when there was nothing. Then his work was tainted with evil and man was separated from the Ruler’s company. Then he created this book to free all who believe in Him through its pages.”

The small voice was loud and clear. He could hear Spirit within him and the pain, despair, and loneliness abated. He felt the fear of leaving subside and in a flash of light the spell was broken.

“I believe. I am at peace and I know I have been freed. I thank you.”

“It is not I who freed you. Come, let me show you the way from here to my glorious kingdom full of joy and peace. ”

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